Monday, May 29, 2017

Special Privilege

Special Privilege - So the Indians think that they can tell us what we can and cannot do? Just like the Muslims and drawing Mohammad and calling there religion crap belief system, or saying the truth, there is no god.

If we cannot speak the truth for fear of offending someone, tough. They will need to learn to live with it. They have been trained to take offense.

“Speak up though,” Quesnelle said. “If you’re offended by something or something’s going on, don’t be afraid to say something, get it out there, that’s the only way it’s going to stop.”

Ya sure, but it is none of your business, and we are offended by you sticking your nose in where it is not wanted. 

Mixed races just does not work. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The US has become a hick country

The donald does not believe we humans are responsible for some of climate change, nor willing to do his part to keep this world livable. He is protectionist in his actions yet verbally at G7 against protectionism. The donald is obtaining Russian support.

So the only conclusion is donald is a liar, two faced, scheming ..., and the US people got the government they deserve. The US is now a hick country. No respect any more. Fear yes, but not any respect as they whirl in their death spiral downward.


Friday, May 26, 2017


What is it about the mind that allows the mind to control the body some of the time, but not all the time?

What is it about the mind that allows the body to control the mind some of the time?

What is there in the mind that we always have control over? our opinions?

Well sort of  but at times, I just do not want to do anything or I just want to do nothing may be a more correct way of putting it, or I want to do something else, but other reason keeps me from doing it. Indecision. Lack of energy. Laziness. Lack of drive to chase after a goal or objective. Contemplation. Mental regurgitation. Lack of any good choices.

Why does our mind allow us to hold a obviously wrong view? Well, we need to update our views. We need to take the time to think thing through. We must remember what we know, and each time we learn something new, our entire view must be updated. It is like saving a freshly edited copy over the old one. Save vs Save As. As we learn, some things become obvious, after the fact. Some of our old ideas are just wrong. We need to Save over top of the old wrong, or tag the old wrong as wrong or crap.

We live physically by competence before comprehension, but think comprehension before competence. That is the root problem of obesity. We continue to eat as we did, all the while living in a slower metabolism body. We overeat, and obtain short term satiation, but to obtain satiation, we need more food than we physically need. Life is a bitch, and then we die.

We can stop desiring of some things. Why is it so difficult to stop desiring food?

Religion: why is it so difficult to correct the view of the believer?  They are not willing to learn and implement new knowledge it it requires deletion of existing beliefs.  It is similar to how much to eat. Is that why it is so difficult to get ourselves to change? We do not accept that some things are not food? Just like religion, some is just bullshit. Why is it so difficult to understand this? Why is it so difficult to see? Because we recognize the familiar and assume the familiar is right.

I saw a video of a Muslim trying to use geology to "prove" the existence of god. It just does not fly to a Geotech. In that moment I became aware of the solution, education to reality. But the earth can only sustain 3.5 billion people to keep Co2 stable, so the solution will come in the form of a superbug or the like. In the mean time, we must educate. And learn. But first I must train myself to not eat much.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Seperation of god and beleifs

Even if your beliefs are based on an abstract god, there is a separation between your beliefs and any concept of god that you may carry. I use "your" because I know there is no physical evidence of a god, and lots of physical evidence pointing at non-existence, or no powers, or no willingness to do anything much. Anything that happens to you or I is in the physical world.

So back to the divide between out beliefs and any concept of god. Once the god-foundation is gone, our beliefs need to be examined, and that is where the big issue comes, the step from just atheist, to realism, or philosophy, or what do we call it? There is the Church of Reality who has tried to answer the big questions for himself, but he need to condense and detail it much more. There are the no god religions like Buddhism, that with a few "cross outs" become a reasonable belief system, and then there is Stoicism that provides some of the foundation concepts, but not the details. Together these form a loose system of operating instructions with holes.

These do not address the other personality issues, like the lack of desire to be around people much, or the lack of motivation to do many things to occupy the time. I have a mental list of jobs to do around here, but no energy, motivation, enthusiasm, enough to do them. Oh well.

Now for a bit more evidence that there is no god or the bible is just the wet dreams of men or the like:  
any god who recommended such a statement would know that that statement is just ludicrous. Cats and women do pretty much as they please, and it is up to men and dogs to understand this and to accept it.

My core beliefs are in "nature" and she does as she pleases, after following the chemical and physically laws. But that is not true, we just cannot account for all the factors in our models; and then there is the rising Co2 and CH4. An essential belief is "my beliefs control my behavior" and also that "I can change my beleifs"; and "truth should be an assumed virtue".  Before we say the stoic phrases; that virtues are the only goods. That living the virtues only are necessary and sufficient for a good life. Understanding the nature of truth and going through life spreading truth, correcting untruth like religions, is sufficient and necessary for the good life. Oh well. Correcting untruth like religion is leading with the chin, so knowing and living well without a god may be sufficient. Enough.  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

As our knowledge of prehistory ravels

I am surprised, not that pre-Clovis existed, but that we found evidence that old. These peoples must have been Neanderthal or similar. That explains the high percentages of Neanderthal DNA found among the Native populations of the north west US, western Canada. So some where in prehistory, some group of Neanderthals wandered into the Americas, likely across the Bearing Straight. But wait, camels are North American, so flow was both ways, and camel bits are found in the arctic also.

The really surprising part is not that there was/is evidence, but that we found the evidence. That may mean that there was a civilization there, in San Diego area. 

There could not have been great quantities of peoples, but there must have been some wandering tribes to mix with the later peoples that came from various sources. Did those wandering groups see each others as enemies or as potential mates, sources of different technologies, as potential allies?

Was there relation ship similar to the other tribes part of Old Testament times; kill all the males,(well all the adult males at least) screw all the females, or take them as slaves, wives, etc. 

There is no doubt that we human subspecies are self-centered, we try to increase our genes in our species. This is the true human nature. Doing what is natural is what brought up to this state of over-population. Soon something will need to be done to correct this over-population problem. One child solution anyone? Have one, father one, and be neutered. That will bring population into line in a few generations or so.