Friday, December 29, 2017

A look at LifeRing

Since AA begat OA, can Smart or LifeRing begat a secular food issue group? Today, will not be an introduction to recovery trying to use LifeRing philosophy, for I am in the process of trying to discover the LifeRing philosophy. How does one convert "LifeRing’s solution is simple: Don’t drink or use, no matter what." into something that is useful for food"

First we need to understand the difference between over consumption of food and alcohol. Alcohol is a substance that humans do not need, food is necessary, so abstinence of the substance is just not possible. For a long time, no sugar and no grains was adequate for me to lose, but the vegetable intake and increased fat consumption grew over time. I stopped losing and started to gain. Now what?

Once I start to lose, I experience hunger and cravings, which never go away, and get worse as I became lighter. As I understand and felt, removal of the alcohol improved how I felt, while removal of the food made me miserable. The OA program gives something else to obsess with, a false fact as there is no god, and once I delved into rigorous honesty, that falsehood was exposed. There program is based on a lie, but as long as one believes, it may work. There is no way to adapt once we know the truth.

In the past I have looked at Smart, but it does not offer anything useful for continued struggle with food issues. It tries to treat overeating as alcohol, but does not recognize this basic difference. The Smart tools are useful, as far as they go, but the people do not mix as the alcoholics do not understand this issue, and say just quit eating, like as if I could. It is not my choice, for I am physically driven to eat. It is not within my free will domain to not eat, or so it seems. As a result of this difference of opinion, Smart does not provide a social network that OA does provide. In my opinion, the extended social network is largely the reason that OA works. FA takes it one step further, to be part of the network you need to obsess over following the program of calls, meetings, and the food program as well, the old OA " grey sheet diet," it was copied on grey paper. It means taking on the program like a job, living and breathing for that program only. It is a way of losing weight, but what about life long term?

In the past, the only way is to displace that desire to something else, but now that I am older, retired, I cannot do long days away anymore. I just get to tired, and that make it worse. Displacement has stopped working. Now what? Try to understand the problem and look for a solution.

At this point, overeating is epigenetically ingrained, a physical imperative, beyond my will power, or so it seems. What now? Some things are up to us and some are not, as the Stoics say. 

LifeRing puts recovery on the individual, who ultimately must be responsible. It is the act of continual letting go of inbreed desires that is difficult, and logically that must be the first step in this recovery, that is letting go of my desire to eat, and ignoring the body's demands. With food, in my case, the demands become larger and louder, as time goes on. I will explore LifeRing a bit more.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Bake that Cake, US Supreme Court.

Bake that Cake, US Supreme Court. This is just questions. just for reference

So the US is about to make a decision on where the moral line is on individual rights vs the rights of a group of individuals. Forget that this fellow is the owner of a business, and as such, it is a company policy, which may split the question further. Consider an employee, working for a bakery, who has a personal issue, but the company policy is to serve all. The employee has the choice; stuff his feelings and moral guidelines down and do the job, or deal with the owners wrath. That is the just doing the job assigned defense. Does an employee have the moral responsibly to not do something he thinks is wrong? So we have seen similar in the past, but the US Supreme court needs to make the decision, is it wrong to not support gay rights. This is to say that religions are right or wrong on this point. If they support gay rights, they say the common christian belief is wrong. If they go the other way, they say that something like 10% of the population has lesser rights than the main population. The US is making moral decisions that are going to plague the US society for a long time.

What would be the decision in Canada? There is little doubt in my mind that the company would need to provide the cake, the decorations are a separate issue, as they are dependent on the skill of the employee making them, so there may be issues there, but the company cannot be discriminatory.

Canada is going through its own similar case with Quebec Face covering. Does the religious requirement have high priority than social safety? We are now into religious values debate vs public standards debate. Are we going to define and enforce national standards of behavior? How are we going to correct the behavior of those who do not meet the public standard of behavior? What about those who are unable to afford those standards? Yes, in this case there are no costs associated, but there are moral costs to changing our opinion of what is right and wrong.

In my opinion, all religions are based on superstitions, so the religious opinions have no value. The gays have rights, regardless of how disgusting I think public displays of gay affection are. Religions  are idiotic or socially retarded, and therefore have no right to create dangerous or stress causing situations. If a person comes into a bank with there face covered, what should the security guard do?

Ultimately, I guess what I am saying is that the religious values has less intrinsic value that the social/humanity based values. Equality of all trumps religious based prejudices, society safety trump religious attire.

Friday, December 1, 2017

How long can you (I) tread water?  got me thinking about the difficulty of maintaining a behavior which is not not natural to this organism, that is staying on a diet that leaves us unsatisfied, for the remainder of our life.

Some of us arrived at this unsatisfied condition in life about when we realized that there was more out there then the life we had been living. Many of us suffer from some chronic pain, physically or mentally, and eating was our method of dealing with the chronic pain... what ever that pain is. Take away the food and we are left with the chronic pain, and no way to deal with it, and likely, we are not even sure what the pain is now, nor the cause of the pain. Yet the pain remains, or the memory of the pain (or the cooping skill) has become epicgenetically etched onto us. Now it is a matter of consciously, for the remainder of our life, struggling against the demon, and those who would push the demon back onto us. For those of us who deal with hunger and/or cravings 24/7, we know the struggle.

The cause is important to remove if we can; that is not always possible, even if we can find the cause. For many of us it is or has become biochemical, we are left to struggle for the remainder of our lives, without any effective medical help, but lots of useless medical bullshit... just eat less than 1800 calories each day and get 1/2 hour of high heart rate exercise each day. At the same time, we may become in chronic physical pain that is made much worse by physical activity. The overeating must end first, then the physical activity can increase.

So how does one resolve chronic mental pain that once caused overeating? Is it still an issue, or are we primarily dealing with the biochemical issues that may have been caused by the original overeating? That is the typical issue, as these can become permanent in as little as four months.

So it comes down to four hormones, ghrenlin, insulin, leptin, adrenaline, and three endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, cortisol... according to some, but the basic problem remains. Hunger and/or cravings out stretch our physical need for energy, so we must learn to live unsatisfied. Try to live unsatisfied 24/7.  I find myself essentially prowling, looking for food, in a time and environment in which food is always available.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Comments to other blogs.

Why do I comment, they are not posed; therefore likely not read anyway. So I will post them here
Vegetarianism is a no win in northern climates. The land and/or climate is just not suitable for growing many foods, and many cannot be kept for 8 months, until the next food is available. It is just illogical to think that will work, just as illogical as sustained economic growth. Also there all those of us who have become glucose intolerant, and need to limit our glucose intake.

Sustained growth is not practical long term, as the world in now over full, but it was until now. We as a species/population need to make some big changes. Oh well, it is not likely to happen, until it is too late. There will be a mass die off and then the earth can recover.

Nuts, just nuts

With overpopulation, a few lives just do not matter. Gays and abortion are just irrelevant to sustaining reducing populations. No, not irrelevant, necessary or suggested methods of reducing population growth to a negative number.

Promoting atheism, reason, and an ethical, secular state; Atheist Ireland launches a children's book.

Hey, thanks for reading. The Boy Scouts of America prohibit atheists or agnostics from joining their organization. 
Don’t buy your holiday/Xmas/Yule tree from them. Don’t finance hate! 

OK, like an atheist is going to buy a christmas tree. OK.

JW hid child abusers


Yeh OK.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I am an atheist; now what?

I am an atheist; now what? After we realize there is no god, no afterlife, no eternal soul, and that our morals can come from society, reason, man made laws, what is there?

In religions there is a society, a community of like minded. They are all wrong together, but they are together. Once we become enlightened, what does the atheist society have to offer? Well one can become a firebrand atheist evangelist, carrying the message to the uninformed... or a skeptic that questions everything, and gets lots of things wrong because they have opinions on everything, even that which they know nothing about. They are as full of bullshit as are the religious. There are lots of issues to champion, anything from environment issues, building issues, housing issues, food issues, medicine issues, big Pharma abuses, and the list goes on. But once we know the truth, or as close as we can get to the truth, we make a decision and go forward, there is not a community to go to for support/companionship.

I have not been impressed by any of the skeptics, as they do not do disaggregate analysis, rather like to aggregate everything into big chunks and reject, when in reality most things are partly correct, under some cases.  

There has been many people pushing for a atheist world view, but that is relatively easy to acheive; once we realize there is no evidence of a god, but masses of evidence that others have believed there is/was one. Now we are left without fear to motivate us to be good; we then need to make the choice to be good, and after that need to think through the logic of what is the right choice, not just for us but for all. It is easy to see how easy it would be to make decisions based on money, and among those who are trying to buy influence.

We/I could develop a "philosophy of life" or adopt one, but all the existing are not entirely rational, have limits or exclusions, are so out of date, and or are off putting wrong concepts. The two that come the front runners are Stoicism and Buddhist philosophy. Both have off putting ideas that are just not modern reality concepts or only practical in no communications -almost stagnant societies. Today we are in a overpopulation state, which must play a part in our reasoning. Human life has less value than it did when we were living in a underpopulated world, yet at the same time, we can sustain life longer than we could before, but at what quality of life. Self termination of the elderly must be allowed or even encouraged before suffering. Also abortion should be permitted, as should abortion of any unhealthy fetuses. with no guilt. Termination for murder and the like should be a choice of the convicted, life in solidarity confinement vs self termination or assisted termination.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Just wrong thinking

Have we ever been just stuck in wrong thinking? I know it is wrong, but it is what I though for years, and that view was promoted to me for years by various diet pushers. Eat when you are hungry. it is just wrong. Eat a small bits on schedule is a far better strategy. Hunger is a natural force that must be overcome.

We all have beliefs, and many of them are just wrong for me. I do not care what you believe, as that is your life, but do not try to push your beliefs on me. I am a card carrying atheist. I am also a person who has suffered all my life with a imposed eating disorder, that was trained into me as a small youth/child. It was just wrong. But that is what happened. I never realized that is what had happened until now.

So now it is time for me to change those views.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Krill

The Orville is a comedy space series, in which in one spoof, the kirll are a species, equivalent to the Muslims. It is there way or they kill you. Complete obedience or they kill, just like the Muslims, which is obedience by force. If you leave we will kill you. If you question we will kill you. And the government, if Muslim, permit and even carry out the acts of murder.  It is a violent and murders religion, and so are the Krill. It does not seem to have the phobia of pictures of their leaders, well it has a official rendering anyway.

Under penalty of death is hardly a honorable way to force allegiance to a bullshit religion, but that is what is being done. Comply or we will kill you. How peaceful is that? Muslim is a violent religion. It should not be permitted; no religion should be permitted. All religion should be abandoned.

Behavior, thoughts, emotions are the three loci of CBT, but in my mind we have four, the fourth being beliefs. These are the stuff that we learned or adopted from our culture or society, which we do not question. That is bullshit, we need to question them and throw out the rubbish, just like all religion. We have all these beliefs that we have never examined; what is culture if not beliefs that we do not question? It is just not worth saving for the most part. It is just a source of conflict. Just like "archery culture" or "car culture." It is a group of common rules of conduct, some for safety, and some out of some sense of fairness, equality, order. It is something we could base life on, well at least life around that group.

Life does not need to be that complex. We do not need to be all things to all people, we need to serve ourselves first and only. Each of us are responsible for ourselves, unless other arrangements are made. All others must look after themselves. We each are responsible for what we eat, our diet. No one is going to help, and what is driving us to eat does not matter, be it culture, family, temptation, biochemical imbalance, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, or ingrained epigenetic behaviors.    It does not matter in the end, we all just die in the end.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The "Bit" Science Commission

Intended as "Bit" of humor

Are we in need of a "Science Council" similar to the Star Trek concept of the Vulcan Science Council, who's decreed had the voice of law within the area of science. It could rule that time travel is not possible, which is likely true, given current knowledge. Ultimately it may not be true, but that may depend on the definition of time.

Currently time is defined in terms of the "vibration" of as caesium 133 atom, more or less at 0 K. But gravity effects the "vibration", so currently our definition of time, which is measurable, is warped near heavy space bodies. Now suppose we create a new definition that is orthogonal everywhere, we could have a deviation between measured time and orthogonal time. Now back to the science commission, which can state: "time travel, as currently understood, is not possible."

Now to the Bit part. If  Bitcoin is the "coin of the realm, what is the realm called?  I will call it Bit for now.

So this "Bit" Science Commission can make pronouncements like:

  • God, as currently understood, does not exist as there is no evidence, but if evidence were to be found....
  • Life after death, reincarnation, and similar scheme are just schemes, likely to finance belief in such things.
  • 'Belief' in a god is alive and well but should be discouraged as there is no evidence of a god existing. The belief creates a delusion which can be damaging to young minds, and to some people lifelong. False belief is a drag on society and productivity everywhere.
  • Those who are willing to kill each other over false beliefs should be allowed to do just that, but we need to ship them to isolated areas where they can do this. Syria or Bangladesh is suggested as such areas. 
  • It must be made illegal to infest new minds with false beliefs. Unless it is science, and has been approved by BSC (Bit Science Commission). 
  • Over-stimulation of the mind is a problem and can lead to obesity, mental illness, irrational behavior, dysfunctional behaviors and the like.  We need to stop allowing over-stimulation of our individual minds.
  • Consciences exists in our head only. We are each separate identities, and there is no field or level that connects people. Shared interests are the only connection, communicated through language.
  • Some people are not worth knowing. I may be one of those or not. 
  • Half of the people have below average intelligence. We each will over estimate our own intelligence, and underestimate others.    
The ultimate purpose is to put an end to the ongoing chatter and debate. The Bit Science Council has decreed that there is no god... so what are you on about?
This introduces the concept of damage from over-stimulation of our carbon based mind. Down regulation, it take more for us to notice, is not just a dopamine effect, but a effect of life in general. So with human overpopulation of this world, why should I care about other people? Well other people have value, but only so much.

Why should I care about refugees in Bangladesh? Our our natives. Or my own relatives? They were known for walking away from there sick and infirm. Native live mater to natives. Do white lives mater to natives? Do native lives matter to whites? Do our lives matter to the refugees we have taken in?  


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stacked Switch Issue

Stacked switches are a series of controls that provide a if/or/not structure to a machine. We have the same problem in philosophy, logic and religions. We are answering different problems.

God does or does not exist. That is a simple switch. If god does not exist, all religion is just mute, redundant, or noise. If god does exist, than religion is whatever it is.

God existing or not is independent of the existence of the belief that god exists, or not. There is no evidence of existence of a god but lots of evidence of a belief that god exists.

Until religion understands this issue it will remain irrelevant going forward.

The believers are just have a wrong concept, just like germ theory was right and revolutionized medicine and life, atheism will revolutionize life in general, morality will be logic based, and there will be only logical control of others concepts. The "control of others behaviors" will need to be formalized in a clear document. That will be quite a job, but oh well.

The earth is over populated if we consider stable Co2 level as an indication.

The only solution available is to keep warring factions apart.       

Serotonin... the required condition

Lustic new book,  Mind Hacking makes clear the three mind 'states' , dopamine, serotonin, cortisol... well those are really the hormones controlling, but all things do not work the same in all states. Free will, and the control of the rational mind are reduced in the dopamine and cortisol rich stages; so we need to be in the serotonin stage to effect appetite control. Duh. What did I just say?

To have appetite control, we need to have our mind bathed in serotonin. This is the contentment, satisfied, stoic joy, endaimonia state of mind. So the trick is to maintain that state of mind under life conditions. I have never lived nor worked in such a state of mind. I would get nothing done. Oh well, I am retired now.  

Monday, October 2, 2017

Pat Robertson is a control freak a-hole

Who does he think he is? He is certainly no authority. He believes fiction, that is nothing to respect. Listen to the ranting of Trump. What is there there to respect?

Government has authority because we allow them to govern, and some of what some of them do is useful. But when they behave badly, we withdraw our authorization to represent them, and they keep on yapping.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Boycott the US

Trump is a danger to world peace. Boycott the US and US products.

Trump is inflaming the North Korean issue. Since NK has stated they will fire on US planes flying into KN air space, that would start the conventional war, and then nuclear would follow. The good side will be dust in the atmosphere, which will kill the climate heating problem, and bring a nuclear winter, possible.

I will not point to any web evidence of the bullshit going on, there is too much and too much is crap. The whole problem is politics has gotten out of the hands of people and into the hands of business, where big money can buy elections through promises of a better life, yet that better life for the people does not come. It cannot, in an overpopulated world, for the unwashed masses just rush in. Conform to our standards or get out, but what about those who do not conform and do not leave? How much force do you use? Starve them out, or use force? We need to serve humanity, or only some of humanity? We need to serve those who have the money to buy services now, and some of those who survive will have money in the future.

No country can be all things to all people, for there ate still those who wish to enslave others, either through religion, money, or legal control...Aka... government, for government decides what is legal and what is not... what it will spend money to prosecute and what it will not bother with.  

Friday, August 11, 2017


What upsets people is not things themselves but their judgments about the things.” --- one of those old dead Greeks or Romans..

So is the solution to simply quit thinking about what is right and true. Is it to allow others to live in their delusions? Reality is simple. Why do other chose to live in non-reality?

So it is not my problem. What I eat is my problem. What I do is my problem.

So what we eat controls our hormones, and our hormones control whether food is stored or available for energy, therefore we have quzi-control over how long before we get hungry, or do we. Some people suggest we do, but it is sloppy control.

It is no fun going through life hungry. So what is the solution?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

So now that we know the cause

So now that we know the cause, does this lead to a solution beyond just stop doing it?

Last time we learned to separate food addition from compulsive eating. These have different causes, and food addiction treatment is stopping eating all of specific foods, like sugar, wheat, starches, and for some dairy products. So what is the symptoms of too few carbohydrates? Thick mucus is one problem. Beyond that, we may become ketonic, and bad body ordur, specific sweating body order is a problem, for those who are sensitive to that ordur. Oh well, what I smell like is other peoples problem.

Now on to the less well defined compulsive eating, a trained in reaction to stress, boredom, indecision, no reasonable solution conditions, living with a nasty person, a bad environment, or what ever. We need to learn other ways to deal with the situation, and also our reaction, for the reaction will continue after the situation has been resolved, if it can be resolved. There is also the other condition, the situation goes on unresolved, for there is no solution, and we need to learn to live with it. That is all fine and good, but when there is no solution, can we learn to live with the problem and not eat?

So consider when we live with a religious person and we know there is no god. You say there is, so put one piece of legally admissible piece of evidence on the discussion table... Of course, they cannot, for at best god is a concept, and if you believe that concept, then he is real to you, and the effect is real to you. It is that simple. So how does one break the delusion of others? And when they a busy pushing there falsehoods and those around them, nonstop. Do you suppose that could ingrain a few bad thinking processes in the mind?  

There is no solution beyond physical separation, mental separation, completely.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tarman's Separation

Vera Tarman of Food Junkies has put together part of the solution. Separation of food addiction and compulsive overeating. Food addiction is, as it sounds pure addiction to a food, usually sugar and white wheat flour, which raises blood sugar faster than pure sugar. Treatment is complete abstinence of sugar in all forms, and after several months, some relief in the desire is obtained.

Sugar, and wheat products stop being food, stop being even considered to be eatable. The problem dissipates.

Compulsive overeating is a different kettle of fish, and some of us have both issues. Food addiction must be the first to be addressed with a low carb diet.

Now on to compulsive eating. It is a learned behavior, and can be unlearned, with difficulty. It is often the result of using food to deal with all problems, emotions, feelings, anxiety, boredom, lack of interest in anything, free time, anything. Now we must learn to deal with all these things, from our native culture food pushing, to deal with nasty parents, abuse, and all the above list. When we learn to deal with those issues, we have an alternative method of cooping and should not need to eat over the issue, well in theory at least.

So no we need to recognize that we use food before the feeling, or emotion has even fully formed, we are eating and the issue has gone away. We need to stop eating and allow the feeling to develop; and deal with the cause of the feeling. Boredom and uninterested are the two big ones for me today, I just do not care about anything or anyone. That is dangerous. Being in continual low joint pain, and generally tired but not sleepy is also dangerous situation. Not wanting to socialize is also bad, but as I was religiously abuse in my youth, very low social need was the result.

Now add this to always being physically hungry, for some unknown reason, and you may start to understand the problem.     

Monday, July 24, 2017

Not within our control

My comment did not post so here it is, more or less:

“Some things are within our power, while others are not. Within our power are opinion, motivation, desire, aversion, and, in a word, whatever is of our own doing; not within our power are our body, our property, reputation, office, and, in a word, whatever is not of our own doing.”

Not all of our desires are within our control. Our brain chemistry may be getting messed up, or it never was for all the population. Perhaps some segments are not all there; perhaps some of us are less evolved. Perhaps the wrong word was used in translation, or the concept behind the word has changed. Does desire include our biological imperatives, even when they are " run amuck" ?  Or are control of our desires just a philosophers wet dreams. Is the concept of control different for different people? I just do not know, but the statement that we have control of our desires is now bullshit. Perhaps it is more like we humans have changed or our environment has changed so much.

Ultimately, what I am getting at is some desires are biological, and not in our complete control, or not in our control all the time. Philosophy does not need to address reality. We living people do.

Perhaps it is more like in those time the possibility did not exist; therefore, we did not know of the possibility, hence, we could not even dream it. As I sit here, craving foods, after my allowed breakfast, I call bullshit on Epictetus's statement that we have control over all our desires.

When we start examining desires, we always find strange things. Consider obesity and alcoholism.  Now before you bring up AA's success rate, you must realize that AA is as effective as the "maturing out rate". See Straton Peele on that point. AA is a plan that is base on a falsehood, but it works for those who believe but never look at the evidence critically... just accept the sweet bullshit stories of religions. I use bullshit as the expression of not knowing and not caring of the truth of the statements. There is no other word for it.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

having lived through

Eating disorders are not fun. We are driven to eat by ourselves, against what we know to be good for ourselves, and are unable to stop the behavior. We have a split person, the body driving us to eat, and the mind knowing we must stop; the body always wins long term. So is there any solution? Well we need to stop the overeating, but the body is not stopping.

So the solution is letting go of the desire to eat, and stopping... and living with the desire... that does not stop... living with that nagging gnawing hunger that food takes away and provides relief from... for a while... and the medical community knows about but can provide no treatment beyond body mutilation.... that typically does not last anyway. From my years around programs, I must know thirty people who had various forms of gut mutilation and none of them were successful long term. That suggests that none of the problems were solved... the wrong problem was addressed... the eating disorder is in the head likely... so what is the solution to changing such desires... it is now my opinion that nobody knows... or is offering any evidence of a solution beyond hyper-vigilance and self forcing, self control against the body doing... eating.

Now those without eating disorders do not understand the feeling likely. It might be something like the gays feel, being drawn to an action with is not what most would classify as not normal, yet are drawn to it. A parallel could be drawn. Is it the same misappropriation of desires? But with the food, acting on results in obesity. So this is really the question, how does one recover? Just stop overeating... well obviously... but can a gay just stop the behavior... or a religious just stop believing the idiocy...


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

OO Overcoming Overeating

Overcoming overeating by Jane Hirschmann is a book that claims to understand and provide a solution to this problem. It does not address the other situation, when the gut hunger is just too large. It separates out the non hunger munchies from hunger and speaks to dealing with the munchies as the cause of overeating. Just eat when you are physically hungry.

Hirschmann claims that the munchies are caused by being trained to reach for food rather than to allow the feelings to develop and deal with the feelings. Ya ok. It still comes down to just stop eating.  

Monday, June 26, 2017

Stopped Caring

I have stopped caring about how wrong other people are. It is not my concern if they are delusional, they will just carry on into the walls, or where ever they end up. Dead likely. We all end there anyway. Let us look at the extreme case, so that we can see this more plainly.

They may continue to use drugs, as much as they want, live in delusion and why should I care, they do not hear a word I say, so why should I care? If they wish to use fentanyl and/or carfentanil, why should I care, just prepay the funeral cost and get on living.  It is as Epictetus suggests, "when you kiss your child good night, reminder yourself that this may be the last time" or some such negative visualization, and then you will not be hurt as much when or if it really happens. So what if the case is just a delusion?

I have learned there is no god, but it is not my place to teach this to others unless they start pushing their beliefs, and then I rebel. Any public ...."Let us pray" ... is a assumption that we all are christian or something. They as well should sacrifice a chicken, then we could eat at least. In the public setting, That is an invitation to respond in a negative way, a non christian way. Face backwards, or east, or sit or something. Yet why go into a christian house and refuse in an obvious way. If you go into a christian home willingly, behave as acceptable to a christian even if you do not believe.

There  is no god. the only god exists in the mind of the believer as a delusion, for there is no evidence of one existing. Yet saying that I am atheist seems to be an open invitation for the evangelist to try to change or correct my view. Not any more, for I shall stand my ground. Give me physical proof or fuck off.    

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Pronounced:  wizzy wig 

What you see is what you get. This was a term from the early days of computer and html editing. It also applies to atheism. It is reality, no life after death, no afterlife, no judgement, no god, no soul. WYSIWYG. That it, that's all. It is up to any religion to prove there is more before I could believe.

I meant to save not post, oh well. WYSIWYG, what more need to be said. It says it all. The whole world of concepts is just that, a world of concepts, ideas, day dreams. Religion have the same foundation as do comic books, graphic novels, fiction of any kind, and the like. The bible and quran mix in some history, so they become historic novels. So if it is not real, it may fiction, mixed with a few true facts, but how does one separate facts and fiction presented as fact. Then, on the other hand, what does history have to do with our present actions? We see how other did something, and what was the outcome? Tomorrow? Did they all survive to see another day? Were they the same people, or were they forever changed and not for the better? Those two "holy books" are filled with vial actions and deeds,  which should not be repeated. That is the secrete lessons in the books. Never do what is written about. WYSIWYG.

WYSIWYG is a real philosophy. It is the philosophy of atheism, there is no god, and as proof, WYSIWYG. There is no soul, WYSIWYG. There is no afterlife, WYSIWYG. It is up to the religious to show me otherwise.

You can fuck with the brain by concentrating on one thing for extended time, or practice talking to an imaginary friend or council until you think they are real. These are not WYSIWYG. Learning critical thinking, ABCDEFG, and most people do not get beyond B for biases, WYSIWYG leads to clean thinking and all the way to G, good, goal, the plan, virtue as the old greeks called it. It is all dependent on what you think. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Craig - Bullshit

William Lane Craig    Yada, yada, yada, therefore god is the best explanation.   Yada, yada, yada, and we do not know therefore god is the best explanation. We do not know therefore god. For everything god is always a supernatural explanation. It is not a real one. That is the problem. God is not an explanation of anything but a excuse for not thinking. Gods at best are just concepts, but the religious will never admit such. Oh well, turmp and the US can have them.

I find all religion and those forcing their fake supernatural concepts into our faces very off putting. I do not want to even look at some peoples facebook posts because of there religious content. I do not want to speak to many of my religious relatives. It is just so off putting; their total nongrasp of reality. What is a person to do. Walk away from all my relatives? Yes, what else is there?

Monday, June 19, 2017

There Is No God

This note has been assembled in response to two separate requests.

Saying that there is a god does not make it so. I can go long with not questioning something until the need arises, but when the need arises, we need to be able to justify that belief or question it and have a response. Handing the belief to the previous generation may not be sufficient. The time is now to understand and defend your belief in a god, and your belief that there is a god. If you are unable the likely reason is there is no god.   

The religions cannot agree on a god, therefore there is a possibility all religions are wrong about the existence of a god. When I examined the question, going back to first principles, and the rules of evidence, working forward with two hypotheses, there is no god vs there is a god, and placing only positive statement, with estimated probabilities, the no god side comes out in front. It is not close, for there is no evidence that points to a god.

In an critical thinking issues, we first need to eliminate biases as much as possible, and become aware of the biases where they cannot be eliminated. We need to eliminate fallacies like "we do not yet know therefore god" arguments, as well as the other forty most common fallacies of logic. At that point we are ready to start laying down the deviation of the dueling hypothesis, one line at a time. Keep in mind that verbosity and time pressure are not part of the logic, when one gets through each argument, for and against, based on logic, nothing remains in the pro god hypothesis. So one is forced to conclude there is no god, logically. There remains a weak possibility of some sixth force out there, after the main four, weak, strong, elector-magnetic, gravity and the fifth, dark.

Existence is the next issue that need definition. Concepts exist, at least in the minds of people, yet have no physical existence and therefore do not in fact exist. If you choose to include concepts in your definition of existence, god exist to you, and if not, gods do not exist. This does not challenge concepts or that belief of concepts can influence the lives of believers, and those around. It only challenges the the physical existence of a god. Those who say god is beyond space and time place there god into the concept field, beyond space and time. So they do not want to acknowledge that there god is just a concept, with real impacts on the lives of believers, but remains a concept only with no physical existence. So if there is a god, it is in the realm of concepts, not physical, so therefore god does not exist, the believers only think that god does exist. It is all quire logical by confusing as the existence depends on if concepts are included or excluded.

So is your god a concept or a physical object? That is the dividing line of faith verses reality. Once one decides, god is either a concepts, or the hard truth of reality, no god. If you chose to say that there is a god and he is real, then you are living in a fairy land; an untruthful world of not understanding and separation of the details of logic. 

All reality can be divided in to actions, physical objects and concepts.

The religious typically will not take on this argument. First there "holly" books cannot be use, only logic from starting hypothesis from first principals and without the fallacies of logic. They also like distraction and verbosity, flooding the field with much noise and verbosity, and no logic. When they lose, they cannot accept it and they just go away. Without settling this what is god issue, the foundation of any religion is like Ron Hubburt or J Smith or whoever.

Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.   

And here is a list of what atheists are not: 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Equal Rights

I do not have a problem with equal rights, I do have a problem with others telling me what I am going to do, and believe. There is no gods, no souls, no afterlife. You can believe what ever foolishness you wish to believe, but do not try to force it on me, or put it in my face, else it will be back onto you, hard.

Equal right for the gays is fine, but what they want is not equal but superior. The two spirited peoples make up something less than 10% of the population, and are not going anywhere. If they wish to play at marriage, well, it is easier to let them than resist, as marriage has become something that most do not take seriously anymore anyway. Originally, it was intended as one of the method of better odds at reproduction and survival of the children. The other plan of nature is to spread lots of " seed " and hope for the best. The second is looked down on by the more stable agrarian cultures but preferred some cultures and individuals. To which do you belong?

The idiot muslims seem to thing that they have the right to push their views onto others, and christians also to some extent. They are wrong, that simple. We also have the right to resist and to strike back. But they do not have those rights; equality and equal rights makes that right impossible, else we will be at war. Muslims want all us non believers dead, according to there quran. Oh well, there is no god, no souls, no afterlife. It is all just superstition and old cultures.

So the next question is should those of us who have been freed from the chains of religion, and move on, be around those who are still stuck in those old cultures? Should we stick them every time they push their beliefs out in public or at us, or be polite and keep quite? When they praise their god publicly, we can ridicule them, I think. They raised the concept, pushed it on us, so we push back. That is equal rights.    

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Race vs. Culture.

Races are different and do exist. That is a fact. Different cultures behave differently. Race and culture are consistent, interlocked within a community. So is it a racial issue or a cross culture issue? How do we separate the two? Culture is a function of habitual behaviors, generational behaviors, and usually within one race. So when we say it is a racial issue, is it a racial or a cultural issue? I suggest that the US black/white issue is cultural as is the Canadian white/Indian problem. As a white who has been "run off a reservation", I will say that the Indian culture is an old and non adaptive culture who likes to think that being here first, well at least a few of there ancestors, gives them special status, and the right to be kept. Our ancestors agreed with there ancestors, but then they reproduced like rabbits. Now there is a problem. Can we afford to support the Indians in a style to which they would like to be accustom?

The government can sit back an import any number of groups, Syrians, or Boat People. They do not mix, but rather establish ghettos or enclaves. These separate culture communities, like the Indians are hostile to the surrounding white communities, one culture, one religion, one race. Race is used as a visual identifier. Some we can spot a mile off, as soon as we can see them. When the Indians cause problems, we do not want to be around them. The government has different rules for handling them so we and they do not mix, willingly. Our Indians have a light fingered culture, it is there culture. It is also there culture to like the drink, and to trust the predators and take risks. And then they wounder why so many of there ladies turn up dead. Predators exist, and there culture will suffer until they individually take responsibility for themselves. Is that racist or reality?

The white culture is vial, brutal, aggressive, no compassion, no understanding, but we are the dominate culture. The business person must be so to survive. Bigger companies and government are more humane, for they need employees to survive. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.     

Friday, June 2, 2017

trump, Climate Change Denier

trump Climate Change Denier, I will no longer give trump any respect, Christopher Higgins did to god.

I do not understand his position.

He is unwilling to chance economic damage from addressing the whole climate change issue?  The remainder of the world will be screaming "go home Yankee" once more. This attitude of bullying is not going to help them in the least. The future of the world is at steak and you are looking out for yourself. You can die alone, as no one will buy your products. 

He does not believe human activities are increasing Co2 levels. Just look at our production of Co2, and the take off in the mid 1960. Co2 is proportional to the population, at least crudely so. Green technology will be the future in some form. Conservation, and green energy production, along with life style requiring less carbon footprint.

He does not believe warming climate is caused by rising Co2 levels. Science proved this in 1974.

So I do not understand trump. If we as a civilization are going to recover, or perhaps even survive, we will need to act together, tolerance, and education of the third world level peoples, even those living as the third world in Canada, Natives and street peoples. Welfare are not included, even though they have nothing, they live with heat and water, sanitation, communications, and the like. I just do not understand trump. He has the right to do as he likes, but bad press gets him Kathy Griffin pictures.

What is there to understand about the irrational beyond they are irrational. So who is the leader of the free world now? Not trump. Angela Merkel? Not Theresa May.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Special Privilege

Special Privilege - So the Indians think that they can tell us what we can and cannot do? Just like the Muslims and drawing Mohammad and calling there religion crap belief system, or saying the truth, there is no god.

If we cannot speak the truth for fear of offending someone, tough. They will need to learn to live with it. They have been trained to take offense.

“Speak up though,” Quesnelle said. “If you’re offended by something or something’s going on, don’t be afraid to say something, get it out there, that’s the only way it’s going to stop.”

Ya sure, but it is none of your business, and we are offended by you sticking your nose in where it is not wanted. 

Mixed races just does not work. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The US has become a hick country

The donald does not believe we humans are responsible for some of climate change, nor willing to do his part to keep this world livable. He is protectionist in his actions yet verbally at G7 against protectionism. The donald is obtaining Russian support.

So the only conclusion is donald is a liar, two faced, scheming ..., and the US people got the government they deserve. The US is now a hick country. No respect any more. Fear yes, but not any respect as they whirl in their death spiral downward.


Friday, May 26, 2017


What is it about the mind that allows the mind to control the body some of the time, but not all the time?

What is it about the mind that allows the body to control the mind some of the time?

What is there in the mind that we always have control over? our opinions?

Well sort of  but at times, I just do not want to do anything or I just want to do nothing may be a more correct way of putting it, or I want to do something else, but other reason keeps me from doing it. Indecision. Lack of energy. Laziness. Lack of drive to chase after a goal or objective. Contemplation. Mental regurgitation. Lack of any good choices.

Why does our mind allow us to hold a obviously wrong view? Well, we need to update our views. We need to take the time to think thing through. We must remember what we know, and each time we learn something new, our entire view must be updated. It is like saving a freshly edited copy over the old one. Save vs Save As. As we learn, some things become obvious, after the fact. Some of our old ideas are just wrong. We need to Save over top of the old wrong, or tag the old wrong as wrong or crap.

We live physically by competence before comprehension, but think comprehension before competence. That is the root problem of obesity. We continue to eat as we did, all the while living in a slower metabolism body. We overeat, and obtain short term satiation, but to obtain satiation, we need more food than we physically need. Life is a bitch, and then we die.

We can stop desiring of some things. Why is it so difficult to stop desiring food?

Religion: why is it so difficult to correct the view of the believer?  They are not willing to learn and implement new knowledge it it requires deletion of existing beliefs.  It is similar to how much to eat. Is that why it is so difficult to get ourselves to change? We do not accept that some things are not food? Just like religion, some is just bullshit. Why is it so difficult to understand this? Why is it so difficult to see? Because we recognize the familiar and assume the familiar is right.

I saw a video of a Muslim trying to use geology to "prove" the existence of god. It just does not fly to a Geotech. In that moment I became aware of the solution, education to reality. But the earth can only sustain 3.5 billion people to keep Co2 stable, so the solution will come in the form of a superbug or the like. In the mean time, we must educate. And learn. But first I must train myself to not eat much.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Seperation of god and beleifs

Even if your beliefs are based on an abstract god, there is a separation between your beliefs and any concept of god that you may carry. I use "your" because I know there is no physical evidence of a god, and lots of physical evidence pointing at non-existence, or no powers, or no willingness to do anything much. Anything that happens to you or I is in the physical world.

So back to the divide between out beliefs and any concept of god. Once the god-foundation is gone, our beliefs need to be examined, and that is where the big issue comes, the step from just atheist, to realism, or philosophy, or what do we call it? There is the Church of Reality who has tried to answer the big questions for himself, but he need to condense and detail it much more. There are the no god religions like Buddhism, that with a few "cross outs" become a reasonable belief system, and then there is Stoicism that provides some of the foundation concepts, but not the details. Together these form a loose system of operating instructions with holes.

These do not address the other personality issues, like the lack of desire to be around people much, or the lack of motivation to do many things to occupy the time. I have a mental list of jobs to do around here, but no energy, motivation, enthusiasm, enough to do them. Oh well.

Now for a bit more evidence that there is no god or the bible is just the wet dreams of men or the like:  
any god who recommended such a statement would know that that statement is just ludicrous. Cats and women do pretty much as they please, and it is up to men and dogs to understand this and to accept it.

My core beliefs are in "nature" and she does as she pleases, after following the chemical and physically laws. But that is not true, we just cannot account for all the factors in our models; and then there is the rising Co2 and CH4. An essential belief is "my beliefs control my behavior" and also that "I can change my beleifs"; and "truth should be an assumed virtue".  Before we say the stoic phrases; that virtues are the only goods. That living the virtues only are necessary and sufficient for a good life. Understanding the nature of truth and going through life spreading truth, correcting untruth like religions, is sufficient and necessary for the good life. Oh well. Correcting untruth like religion is leading with the chin, so knowing and living well without a god may be sufficient. Enough.  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

As our knowledge of prehistory ravels

I am surprised, not that pre-Clovis existed, but that we found evidence that old. These peoples must have been Neanderthal or similar. That explains the high percentages of Neanderthal DNA found among the Native populations of the north west US, western Canada. So some where in prehistory, some group of Neanderthals wandered into the Americas, likely across the Bearing Straight. But wait, camels are North American, so flow was both ways, and camel bits are found in the arctic also.

The really surprising part is not that there was/is evidence, but that we found the evidence. That may mean that there was a civilization there, in San Diego area. 

There could not have been great quantities of peoples, but there must have been some wandering tribes to mix with the later peoples that came from various sources. Did those wandering groups see each others as enemies or as potential mates, sources of different technologies, as potential allies?

Was there relation ship similar to the other tribes part of Old Testament times; kill all the males,(well all the adult males at least) screw all the females, or take them as slaves, wives, etc. 

There is no doubt that we human subspecies are self-centered, we try to increase our genes in our species. This is the true human nature. Doing what is natural is what brought up to this state of over-population. Soon something will need to be done to correct this over-population problem. One child solution anyone? Have one, father one, and be neutered. That will bring population into line in a few generations or so.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Developing our own Philosophy.

A post about life. "I do not know what I think until I say it." That is a quote in concept from some author, but I do not recall who, it is just the way it seams when I am required to answer some question.

I am trying for coach certification in archery, through the NCCP. One of the questions is what is my coaching philosophy? Well, to put words to that is a bit of examination:

I am a realist. Gods are all in the heads of others. I ignore this important issue in the archery club, however I often state it, when asked to coach on long weekends.  I am an atheists, so it is not like the day means anything special to me.

I emphasis the process, not the outcome. As recreational modern traditional archer, the scoring is not important, just the process of shooting. It is as the stoics say about shooting a arrow, once the hand is relaxed and the arrow off, all is beyond our control. Competency and comprehension are required, I like to teach the comprehension first.

Student enthusiasm and enjoyment are necessary for enduring participation in the sport, along with suitable equipment. Some outside muscular work, aka exercises, will be required, along with adequate proteins and fats for muscular development. 

I like instructing the adults, beyond the middle teens, that want to learn archery. If they are there for social reasons, are the chatty type, I stop making the effort to correct obvious bad methods or to do individual teaching. They are just spaces in the class. My method is to go through each step of the process in detail, and show the typical poor methods and better methods. For some bad form is the only way they can shoot, and bad form is better than not shooting. After safety is followed, the only wrong way to do archery is to not do it.

Yesterday, we coached a Muslim group, who needed to stop halfway through to pray.  I need a bit of tea anyway. I wanted to say it is all in your heads, but I figured that that would be just rude, but true. I think it is rude of them even to ask to take time off archery.  False information in their heads is their problem. Me, pointing it out would not help them nor me, it is just not my problem. It is like all those who suggest fat people should just go on a diet. Stay to the archery subject at hand, archery in this case.  There are many many issues in archery classes; inappropriate attire, those who will not put down purse, or electronics, those who do not want to be there, and those who do not have the mental capacity to pay attention. I mind my own business, and I make no effort to help those who are not helping themselves. 



Friday, April 21, 2017

Releasing the God hypothesis

Be aware: Free association....

The old stories contain many historical hypothesis. I call these historical because I do not like William James's name as dead hypothesis. They may be dead, but dead has the implication that is brutal toward those that believe those hypothesis. We still need to live with those believers until we can convince they of reality or one of us die off. So call me an apologist if you like, first I need to know what I believe, and until I communicate beliefs, I just am not sure. Even then, I may change my beliefs, or may not express them exactly. Impermanence of beliefs is something that I have.

I was told to believe, and tried but it was bullshit; became agnostic and tried to believe to get the benefits of living in a delusion. Life is tough and living in a delusion, if you can, has the benefit of not needing to stare into the abyss of reality. My parents were able to live like that; and I tell you there are advantages to being able to put reality out of your mind. Many things do not bother those who can live in their delusions. I both pity them and admire them. Conflicted. What?

I know there is no physical evidence of a god, and there are many hypothesis that suggest there is one. Purpose is often sighted, and is the how did it become this way if not designed and or constructed. These are human questions and the real answer is we do not know, or that we have reluctance to admit that we do not know. It is the creative sort of human that creates a story, a hypothesis that describes or prescribes the how of the artifacts existence, as if to answer a child's question with a story. This may be in fact, how the hypothesis came to be. "Because god did it, now go away and let me work in peace" was a refrain I recall hearing many times.

It is just easier to acknowledge the existence of a historical hypothesis, and move on rather than calling in a myth; the half truth is dependent on our point of view, and correct without being as offensive. Hypothesis can be replaced by better hypothesis rather than proven or not dis-proven. This can go back to Laplace and his no need of the god hypothesis in explaining the path of planets in retrograde or was it the Saturn wobble. And is that the same Laplace of Laplace transforms in mathematics? You bet. And if you did cover Laplace transforms, as in engineering school and do not still remember what they are, they are like nests in software, but without counters. In short, apply the transform, solve the equations, take the transform out and reduce to a simpler, cleaner and useful form. It make my head ache just thinking about them that I have not touched since University, and am now retired from active working. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. 

The thing about hypothesis are we can modify and make the old one a historical, and thereby ratchet toward reality and understanding. We new atheists are beyond the early adopters stage, on the cusp of rapid growth to the cash cow if it were a new product. It is all about turning reality into a money generating industry. This new atheistism is the next evolution of man, man's thinking moving toward rational thought, and away from the historical hypothesis that got us to this stage. The major dieoff required is coming. Will it be nuclear war, rise of carbon dioxide, methane, climate change, asteroid, supervolcano, superbug, ... any body's guess and when? It does not matter. In the end we all just die anyway.  

Monday, April 17, 2017

More Comparsion of Buddhism, Stoicism and Epicureanism

The original purpose of belief systems (aka religions) can generally be defined as a system of thoughts, beliefs, values, principles that end personnel mental suffering or uncertainty through providing a life plan, knowledge list, behavior directions, priories, clarifications or how to live and treat others. Ethics, morality, decision making methods are often included. A system to end mental suffering is how Buddha defined his purpose. He went on to define the cause of suffering: expectations, delusions, attachment, aversions and provide a list of eight areas to examine and correct in our lives. Stoicism provided the correct way of thinking, a complete operating system to upgrade to. Epicureanism went further and suggested areas to eliminate that often create issues.  

So the question is "how much of each system should the modern human adopt" to make life run better?

Some portion of relief of suffering is confidence that we are right. Doubt goes away. We can achieve this confidence by being part of a group that believes "x, y, z" or we can come to know that we are right through science, examination, testing, and/or association with like minded individuals. We can go against the flow of others as individualists only if we have the knowledge and confidence we are truly right.

All these three named thought systems place knowledge in their priorities. But the thoughts are not the same, but similar. With all the translation to get to English, along with the inexactness of language, how can we say that the original concept is not the same, but with the order and emphasis just different?

Much of Epicureanism just falls away as our science today is 2000 year ahead of what Epicurus knew and surmised. Yet stay out of things that will call us unneeded stress and worry is still good advice. Keep your oars where they belongs. Do not overreach. Do not overextend yourself too much, over
extension will cause stress. And minimization of our needs and intakes is sound finical advice. If we can do it is a totally different issue. Stay out of slippery places if we have fear of slipping. Stay sober, even when we drink.

Secular Buddhism cleans out the unreal items of reincarnation, and leaves karma as what it really is, reputation. Reputation is critical in long term relationships, especially is business. Yet we change over time, and some of us do not retain relationships well. Impermanence, the flipside of constant change is without a doubt just a derivative of change, aka the rate of change and whether we are able to see the change.

Danial Dennett has described the modern 'no self' reality, where consciousness is the mind observing the input/output flow but not yet understanding how the processing is done. Competence without comprehension. It is all knowledge we each can pick up if we put the effort, concentration and mindfulness in and just do it in our speech, actions and livelihood. Our intentions and attitudes provides the motivations.

One cannot separate the consciousness state from the objects of that state, as said Husserl, it is all in our heads anyway. Truth is the fundamental issue, and the non existence of a physical god is an essential and foundation fact. Until we can accept that, the truth is kind of nebulous, like ownership of a feral cat. Yet we can, in the mind of the believer have a god, the object of the mind, and live withing that god conscious state, not in full truth, but in full delusion. Many people will do all they can to keep living in that pink delusion where there is a god. It is the job of ever atheist to prick there mental balloon, or at least the balloons of the young. In the end we all just die off anyway, so if we can keep the young living in reality, we will do good.  


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No God Husserl

Edmund Husserl 1851-1938  One cannot separate the consciousness state from the objects of that state.

WTF. So if you think there are ghosts, then, for you, there are ghosts... If you think there are gods, then, for you, there are gods. So gods are all in the mind of the believer, ok but Husserl never said that, he never spoke of gods, but he lived in pre-war Germany.

Religion and god is all in the mind of the believer. End of story. So why do so many people have difficulty in seeing this? Well we were taught wrong, and we do not like to look at our beliefs, likely because of fear of finding that our beliefs are wrong.

We humans are born a blank slate, and everything is learned, some is created along the way. We learn on the genetic substrata, some parts are learned easily, other parts we need to struggle with. Nobody teaches that we should review what we believe, what we were taught to believe, and own our own beliefs. Buddha and Confucius were more right than Christians. Buddhist, other than reincarnation and extreme emphasis on mediation is about right. One should know how to mediate some, but education is more important. Education that starts at `First Principles` and builds from there is critical for thinking, for separating opinion from first principals.

Opinion can be right or wrong, and there is nothing that can separate quicker than an opinion that violates a first principal. A sound fist principal is there is nothing supernatural, for if it is, it is not supernatural. Miracles as long on the odds of happening occurrences.  If they need to violate nature to occur, then it is more likely it is bullshit than real.

Enough already.    

Monday, April 10, 2017

Really... not so much

So you are forgetting that government does what is best for that government, not for the people. Every sucking company does the same. Look at any bank, phone, utility company, any level of government, all do what is best for them, customers, damn customers just suffer. We just had the United Airlines beating a 68 year old passenger to force him off a seat he had paid for, to get where he was going on time, because the airline had overbooked, and needed to move one of it's crews.

So what is there to trust. Trust government to abuse the people. They will abuse some.

There are too many people in this world now. The world is overpopulated. Those who are not able to haul their weight will be abused. There are many who just are not able to hold a job, not enough energy, not enough skills, not enough personality, too much honesty, not able to concentrate.

Without thieves, the insurance industry would not be able to sell thief insurance.  Oh well. Jails are to abuse the people who cannot function in our society. Rehabilitation is a concept, and like gods, it does not exist except in the mind of those who find it useful to believe.

Government can be trusted... to tax, burden and abuse the citizens. That is the role of government, and to cause the cast to flow into the pockets of the rich. The rich always get a taste.

If the US wanted to send a message and end the war, they would target Assad. Oh Golly, we hit the head civilian, so sorry, it was not intentional.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Conrad, Conrad, you are not listening to the science

How do we teach those who will not here? Conrad, the science is ahead of the curve by quite a bit. We do not have all the details yet, but we know that we have a lot of physical evidence, and we just do not yet know how it all got there yet. The thing about physical evidence is it is real, but we have not yet figured out how it got there. We have not yet figured out the modern hypothesis that explains the evidence, but we have figured out that your historical/cultural hypothesis and not the answer, and it is time to move on, based on what we know, and the modern hypothesis that explain part of the evidence. We know the last big bang happened ~13.8 X 109 years ago.

We know that evolution happened, but not yet if life started here or was seeded from elsewhere. We do know that simple non-carbon life can be started under certain conditions, but those conditions need to be maintained for those life forms to carry on. We just have not yet found the carbon based starting conditions, but then nobody is willing to pay for the study in a big and sustained way. Without the money, and the commitment over time to a adequate supply of money, we are not likely to find a new form of carbon life, and then there is the risk of a new form of virus...

So we do not need to know how before we can say the old historical/cultural hypothesis is just wrong. As soon as we start to think hypothesis, and scientific method, we begin to see illogical thought of any religion. Soon we realize we can just abandon all religions. They are just historical hypothesis.

Now we need to realize the religion is largely about control of people, by making them believe some foolishness at an early age, and also teaching them to not question. This is immoral way of trapping people into a thought system, immoral imprisonment. Of course this has been handed down, generation to generation, but some see through the system and break free. Then the unthinking try to use emotions to drive us back into the stye we escaped from, where the malignant overloads would try to pen us for eternity. We have our own powers, and can deny them control of us. So Conrad, I do not care what you think, for you believe in a sky god and are trying to control people which is immoral. You are no better than a slave owner, or slave renter.

No one has the right to force us to believe anything. Islam cannot force us, even through threat to follow there rules, or there sky god. So draw Mohamed  (.^.) ⟲ or 😆  as often as you wish.  😆Mohamed😆  They may be offended because we will not follow there laws, but that is there problem. We can respect the person but not their beliefs. Some ideologies need to be stamped out and others can be allowed to just die off. Muslims may be fine people, but there ideology is dangerous. Somewhere between 10 and 30 percent have the potential to become terrorists, or so the research shows. One out of ten, or one out of three... young men ... can become weaponized, all because they are not rational but fall prey to emotional based bullshit, rather than understanding the physical evidence. 

It is science that must lead us forward from here into a sustainable way of life.   


Friday, April 7, 2017

Fighting an ideology

How does one battle an ideology? It is ideology that drives humans, doing what we believe to be right, so what if the ideology is just wrong?

It is wrong to indoctrinate people, youths, without allowing them to evaluate the concept fully. Muslims, Islams, Christians, Jews, are all wrong. So how does one fight ideology?

David Silverman has some ideas.
It will be to get in there face, and tell them they are wrong loud enough that they are willing to start to hear.

Religions are systems of hypothesis that has been superseded by reason, data, civilization, education, and knowledge. We know what is right, in the here and now, but we are still struggling to get all this information into a organized manual, for simple reference. There is just so much knowledge, and so much wrong in the ideology of the flat earth religions that we are trying to replace. It must be organized into some kind of system and documented into a logos for the lack of a better word.

Yet, once we understand the concepts, so much becomes self evident. Why has no one seen this before? Oh wait, they have, well at least parts. But no single individual has put it all together, in this time. Buddha plus the Stoics, minus a few pits, plus a bit here and there of this and that.       

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The WTF call

There are large groups of people who are being dis-advantaged by the wrong teaching by their parent.
How should we feel about this and what should be done?
Some are producing a high burden on the state. (natives)
Some are misleading others on science. (new age creationists)
Some are misleading others on environmental issues. (trump and his ilk)
Some on dealing with reality. (religion)
Some are a danger to society, and are misleading the young or reality. (Islams)

There are those who are opposed to the scientific method. There is no evidence for gods, nothing survives death, and religions are all pushed without reason. The only place left for god to hide is in the mind of the believer, and as a result religion is all just chain letter memes. Reality sucks but living in a dream state is also no way to live. It is the old " if it bothers you, just do not look." at deliberate misleading of people.  

Now does anyone have anything constructive to say about these problems we face?

So we are being mislead about food and chemicals in the foods issues. Glyphosate and the government will not even accept there is a problem. Ester 2-4-d and overeating destroying leptin receptors.

So should we get radical? or violent? or just loud?

Friday, March 24, 2017

evidence based policy making

"evidence based policy making" in M 103 is something the Canadian government is short on. Look at the Canadian good food guide. Incomplete information, not evidence based. It does not deal with those of us who do better on LCHF.

M 103 can be found at

Religion is based on the lack of real evidence. There is no physical evidence that there is any god. That implies that any god that could be is just in the minds of the believers where concepts exist or there is no god. That is the real logical choices, that it, that's all folks. There is no real physical god. The documented superstition of the religions can be found in the books, the Bible, Quran, Vedas, Pali Cannon, Accolades, etc. Some are better than the others as literature, some have good bits and bad bits; some that should be followed, and much that should be ignored as bad advice.

Islam will not, in the Quran form, not allow piece with others. Other lesser forms ignore parts of the historical collection of myths and instructions, and are less violent. The solution is not only elimination of Islam, but the elimination of all religion for a truth based, atheist, rational thinking, logic based behavior. We can select our good beliefs based on whatever, or go through the books and pick what we would like.

The Muslims that I have known have all been a thin skinned bunch, who get offended an anything, who would like to be treated differently than we treat each other. They get offended in the lunch room of most businesses. They want to be special. They do not fit in with the present society of Canada, and need to be separated. The government can try, but it cannot acheive separation. Many business are separating them out by not hiring them. Oh well, any businesses main objective is to make money, and needs to control costs. I have said more about this here.

Elimination of all religion and install a uniform code of human conduct is the best solution.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Stoic half stories... Yeh, but how?

Person: it hurts when I lift my arm.
Stoic: then don't lift your arm.

The stoics and Buddhist always say to let go of your desires, attachments, delusions for all sorts of problem, but they never go on to tell anyone how to do that. That is the real problem, we never learned to let go of anything out of our minds, our will. We fail at a lot of things because we have never learned to let go of desires. There in is the "real" problem.

So how did we get those desires anyway? Well we were told that those were good desires to have, or we, as youths, decided those were good desires. These are a collection of common cultural beliefs that we assimilated, and some are just wrong. These we foisted onto us by the well meaning but wrong culture; perhaps it was not what the elders tried to teach but it was what we learned. We assent to that belief and never realized the belief was wrong, just wrong. We assented to eating more because we wanted to grow large so that the little bastards would not harass us for being small; we ate to grow larger, to be able to withstand the bully.  We ate out of defense, we ate because the numbing effect of sugar high took the edge off the pain. Overeating became epigenetically fixed. No one ever took the time to teach us to unload learned behavior, wrong behavior in favor right behavior. It is not until the bully gets the shit beat out of them that many parents even realize there is a problem. Often the wrong problem gets fixed. Do not antagonist the bully, and let the bully have his way. This is the root cause of terrorism; everyone is afraid to offend the Muslims, when the right thing is for Muslims to learn to mind there own business. But nobody ever bothers to teach unloading of wrong beliefs and reloading of the correct beliefs.

We assented to the original preposition without understanding the consequence or testing to see if it is correct. Now we know, and we can call bullshit on the wrong proposition. So until the Stoics and Buddhist start teaching unloading, they are just beating their gums.

Now I have made a few hints at the process of unloading wrong beliefs. First we need to recognize desires, aversions, delusions, as beliefs that at some time in our past we assented to, and as such tuck these into our automatic decision making matrix. Next we need to recognize these as wrong, and this may also confirm the source. We need to become willing to let go of this belief, even if it was religion or parental based. Often identifying it as wrong is helpful. We may need to load a new correct belief in it's place. Eat only the correct amount, just enough to where you can stop eating. Or that desire was our parents, not ours. We are in control of our desires because we assent to them in the first place, and that makes us responsible.

Religions likes to load the gun for there own growth. Rational thought and behavior should trump all religions and belief systems, except when the belief system is rational and complete.  If we apply the legal standard laws of evidence, there is no god.

Some things are up to us and some are not. The main part of what is up to us is our assent to propositions. We are responsible for what propositions we accept, even wrong ones. When we realize they are wrong, we should unload these promptly, and load the correct ones. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017


1) Why is there something rather than nothing? (or) Why does the universe bother to exist? (or) Why is it necessary for our universe to exist, and to continue to exist?

All this got me thinking. First let me say that because the mind can create a question object in the mind does not mean it is a real or meaningful question. That is not to say anything against the mind, but if the mind can conceive a god, and no god, it can also conceive of other thing that just are not real.

First, if there was nothing, there would just be empty cold space, aka nothing. Why should there be a bound on nothing? What else would nothing look like?

Before the big bang, what ever was there had higher entropy than matter that existed.  Disorder increases. If it was a singularity, what ever that was, is now gone, converted into matter and energy. If it was not a "singularity" then it could be something like a massive black hole exploding, and we only see the effect of the last one. Some questions we can not yet answer yet. It need nothing have anything to do with we humans. It is a human desire to have an answer. All most all cultures have a creation hypothesis story. We want answers, but some questions are beyond our understanding yet.

Chemical and physical process do not need a purpose, they continue until conditions are not suitable. end of. We humans try to place propose on things where there is none. This is something like our desire to learn and/or understand. Man has no purpose beyond to reproduce, unless we impose one onto it. We should be trying to keep our environment in such a condition that we can live, but there is not enough cooperation to see the obvious. There is religion because people will not see the obvious. Oh well. enough.

Concepts like purpose are just concepts, and as such exist as concepts. Our mind can handle them as abstract nouns, concepts, yet they may have no physical reality. Things happen because of a driving force exists, nothing more. Man is just a opportunistic minimal living on a big rock whirling through space. It has enough gravity to attract an atmosphere, and enough heat for organic material to produce oxygen that we breath. We need to keep the carbon dioxide consuming plants healthy so that we may continue to live. We live in a closed system, and our population has become large enough that we are effecting our environment. Shit happens.     

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why should I care if the truth offens you?

Cultural stories of creation are myths. So is the bible and the Quran. There is no real god, at best gods are just concepts or belief held by others. Any god is just a mental object. Why should I care if you find this offensive for this is the truth, the one and only truth, and if you find it offensive, that is your problem.

I have religion pushed at me frequently, and I push back now. It is only right.

I find political correctness offensive. You are trying to force your beliefs onto me, even when your beliefs are wrong. Do not expect compliance with political correctness.

Species is often defined as groups which do not naturally interbreed through location, preference, or habit. We humans are, by that definition, a group of species. As such, how can any government expect that different species will live together when the immigrants will not respect our traditions. Every time a immigrant with difficulty speaking English cuts a the line up at Tim Hortons, there are developing ill will. Every time they do something stupid in traffic, there is more ill will. In Red Neck Alberta, expect some immigrant to be shot soon. It is easier than lynching. Those who do not comply with the law get away with much already, "I did not know" goes the cry. Bull shit. I saw the same one get chewed out, and she did cut the like again the next day.

There is no self, or nonself in Buddha terms is true, correct, and real even if we belief in the illusion of there being a self. Our mind is just a mass of neurons with synapse. The self is, at best an image of self created by a bunch of neurons and synapse doing there thing. The whole brain and body is the self, but there is no self within the brain, just a convenient illusion, and a self created ego with "privileges" that expands with power and success, however we define power and success.

Muslims are impossible to not offend if we chose to try to talk to them, so I do not care. So when asked anything religions, I will tell them there is no god, so you can do as you like. End of.    

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Historical Cultural Creation Hypothesis

Historical Cultural Creation Hypothesis

As the old Navajo, in DNA Tracing, said, "calling our creation stories 'myths' is offencive."  So how should we modern thinking humans refer to these cultural and religious myths so as to call them what they are and remain politically correct, and correct in reality. In reality, these are myths, but to have something blow over the head of the uneducated, to remain unoffensive, while remaining truthful to our own beliefs?

There is a new age Hindu fellow, trained in science, and acceptance science, who is trying to adapt Hinduism to modern reality and English. Hinduism has the same problem as most of the religions, with the youth forsaking the belief system; and he sees the solution is to modernize the religion, keep the values and the good parts, at the same time as adopting science that we see as real. Buddhism rubbed off Hinduism, just as all christian branches rubbed of Catholics. Keep the best of both, let the wrong, useless, oversimplified, and waste of time stuff fall off, perhaps even create a new profit or leader. (Joseph Smith, or LR Hubbard type hype leader come to mind, but based on truth.) We do have the three of the four horseman, but these have not figured out the individual non-exceptional human needs yet. But it is the why of routine liturgy that must be explored. The Buddhist spins the wheel to the right as a symbol of "tomorrow is another day to do it all again" and to remind ourselves of karma, (aka, we are the sum of our past), and we have a small effect on the future, and to the right because, facing south, that is the way the sun goes.  

Many of us spend our lives believing or studying a hypothesis, only to find that the hypothesis is false. Now what? Oh well, much good came incidentally out of the effort. Does it matter. Out of the 110 or 120 billion people who lived before us, how much has been lost? A human life is but one test of a biological package, the test is survival of genes, not knowledge or correctness. So if we are to measure our lives by the number of offspring, we have far different values than other measuring by other accomplishment. It does not matter, we are only one of the 110-120 billion other experiments in H. sapiens lives. We each struggle to expand our understanding is specific ways. Comparison is not justified. We should do for others as we would they do for us. We should do for others, not to others, to get our of our heads. It was easier to see this when there was less change, but it still can be seen in multi-generational communities, if we look.

All cultures have there historical cultural creation hypothesis; Science has a new one, which is supported by evidence, some physical, some logical. The old one will need to be abandoned. We need to pay attention now to science, not because of what we know, but for the approaching issues that we have identified on the horizon, and others that are there as well. Yet if we look at the why's of many practices, at there foundation lie a sound ethical reason. Perhaps I need to breath a bit more first.

The words are but a crude pointer to the though behind the concept. The incense create a smoke for the concepts, thoughts, ideas, the abstract nouns, to ride on....    

Monday, March 6, 2017

Control vs Free Will

Philosophy, by simply changing the name, can start the argument over again. How different is free will and what is within our control? Epictetus to Dan Dennett to Sam Harris. How different is that which each define? Well Sam tries to measure it, but what he measures is part body, beyond our control or power, so he finds we little or no free will.

Epictetus starts by defining what we have complete control of, our mind from input acceptance decision to output decision, bounded by our beliefs, values, and reality. Reality includes our talent and skill stack, our temperament.  Our assents, positive and negative impulse, opinion, reason or logic, are all that is ours. We can, also, over time change our beliefs, likes and dislikes, some rationally, but one our beliefs become fixed, change takes time. Also what is marginally out of our power, hidden behind beliefs, likes and dislikes, will vary, person to person. It is those individual differences that make up the diverse population with different behaviors we see today.

We are bounded by reality on one side, and each persons reality is different. Some of us do not tolerate cold, others of us do not tolerate heat. Each persons skill stack is different, as unique as a fingerprint. Yet each of us has control of our thinking, our ability to accept or reject an incoming proposition, as long as that preposition does not conflict with our beliefs. If it conflicts with their beliefs, then it conflicts with their learned beliefs, for all beliefs are just learned, which often people have never rationally examined.

Some of what we learned is just wrong. We do not know what part or which "fact". We just do not know. Which or what. Some facts do not stand the logic test, other the total lack of evidence makes it unlikely, even inconceivable to some. So one wall of our free will or control is movable by adding or subtracting beliefs. This may be why AA and the like work, they change our beliefs and place behaviors out of our control. Oh well, who knows.

Free will, or within our power or control, is what personal responsibility is based on. So if instinct is to eat, we are not responsible for overeating; if what we eat is within our free will, our overeating is within our responsibility. Likely, is in that zone of partial control, where our free will permits the body to have input. We can use our power of impulse to move ourselves into a food free environment, but others may contaminate our environment or we wait too long, instinct takes over, and we lose control. Staying out of places where we lose control may be the best control some of us have if instinct is in overdrive.      

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Parasites of the Mind

Parasites of the Mind

I do not know what else to call them. These are concepts, residing totally within the mind that are wrong, and create problems for the person who's mind is infected... or perhaps not for the person, but those around him... or perhaps not causing them or anyone a problem, but are just obviously wrong, and that person does not know it, or perhaps he does.

I have one that says eat, eat. I know it is there, but how does one get rid of it? Identification must be the first step. I have dispatched some of these parasites that were culturally implanted. Several remain, including TV, eating, and personality disorders. Oh well. I have given up any concept of religion, and am trying to sort my beliefs out to that which is logical, or at least logical or needed for a modernish sort of life. I am not willing to go minimalist, for I was raised that way, with nothing but what was needed, as defined by others. I often feel like I was raised as a farm slave. Oh well, it is all done now.

Religion is the worst parasite of the mind. God lives only as a false concept in the mind. As a concept, it is beyond space and time, and has no physical existence, yet directs the lives of people, as long as they have the concept in their mind, and strongly controls their mind, just like that eat, eat, parasite of the mind. Each morning I wake up, and there it is, that damn eat, eat thought.

So will the next piece of evolution provide a truth test, is this though based on reality or is it a free floating concept that macerates as being real? Yet the eat eat is at least part real. Is it thinking that causes the problem?

If one cannot separate religion from there life, than perhaps they cannot separate truth and false thoughts. So then we cannot trust our political leaders to tell the truth, to base decisions on the important truths, and simpler issues.We see people who are clear of religion, and we see those who are not clear of religion. So which group functions better? Which have higher morals, ethics, values? Well as it turns out morals, ethics, and values are totally independent of a belief in a god or religion. Many religions promote a set of morals, ethics and values, yet these are not attached to a belief in a god.

Any religion that condones war, in any form, permits sanctioned killing, while there religion says do not kill. So right off there is a cognitive dissonance. Either address the dissonance, or you will lose the cognitive alert. Preach religion and armament is just not compatible; it is either one or the other. Guns bring violence, so the religions preach one thing and live another. Then either arm and defend free of any god, or have your god with peace and losses. The alternative is open sanctioned killing as with Islam, which is also a mind parasite.

It is only awareness that is the first step in removal of mind parasites. Oh well, in the end we will just die anyway.