Sunday, November 22, 2015

Acceptance.. accept that we have been wrong

It is difficult for anyone to accept that they have been wrong there entire life. And not only they but ancestors, going back a long way have been wrong about specific beliefs. And then there is all the time we spent learning and expanding the details of that wrong belief. That is not to say that some of what we learned was not right and good. But the underlying belief was just wrong.  There is/was no god, just nature. God was what we did not understand, an explanation for the unknown. We know more now, but not all. It was nature, all natural events that brought life. The details have not yet been worked out, but there is enough record to see that it occurred naturally.

In the lab,sciences have constructed reproducing, feeding, organism, and then were shut down out of fear that if this got away... It could destroy our life, as we know it. The US produced a modified lyme disease as a biological weapon, and it got out of captivity... likely.  So perhaps, exploring the unknown has risks, but so does continuing to believe in religions. In a post at , I started to explore alternatives. There is much exploring that needs to be done. It may lead nowhere, but does provide a distraction.

What should we believe in modern life? What should the modern philosophy of life look like? Exploring is the only way to generate alternatives. We are not bound by historical views. There are always new and different ways to compare and ratchet toward a better way. Abandoning a fixed belief in a god, or accepting that it need not be true is the first step in enlightenment, what ever that is.

Delusions of what life should be must also be let go of. I do not know. I have reached a time and position in my life that I do not need to spend most of it struggling to survive. I am retired. I have time to explore this nebulous issue. It also relates to overeating in some way, for OA perhaps found a correlation between beliefs overeating. This is not clear by any means, but if overeating is indeed psychological/philosophical there may be a link.

What is the ultimate test? Is there some physical evidence of the existence? That which is common between many of the belief systems may be correct. That which is disputed may not be correct. Doing that which is rational may be the better direction, while concepts like optimization require more data than we have.

Believing that for which there is physical evidence to support the concept is likely the place to start. Evolution, science, even the soft sciences. Start with positive psychology, and go from there. Positive psychology conforms to Stoic thought, and has some evidence, or more correctly, positive test results, suggesting it is a place to start, at least. It starts the cycle, positive attitude, engagement, meaning, and if fate permits, achievement, satisfaction, joy, feeding back into positive attitude.

But what do I know? 

Monday, November 16, 2015

How do we stay clean in a dumpster diving?

The question is simple in the end, "How do we stay clean in a dumpster diving?" The answer has to be you cannot, or with much difficulty. There is no other suitable answer. So what am I on about?

I have been serving as a "expert witness" to reality in a law suit case between a home owner and the city, on the side of the city. It is a "fragile skull" case, where the city is responsible for vibration damage, a minor part of the damage to a house which suffers from desiccated soils, which the city is not responsible for. The house foundations should have been mudjacked years ago, long before the city project, but it was not. The owner considered it just fine before. The house had become stressed in many ways.

The vibration event occurred, two years of LRT construction. Now where shrinkage of soil occurs, the soil may separate from the foundation rather than completely settle. This is due to bridging, hogging, and structural stiffness of the foundation walls. This is the purpose they are intended for, but not to the extent that occurs with desiccated soils.

Vibration creates forces in 3D space, radial outward, vertical and tangential to the radius. The vertical are +/- a few percent of gravity, the radial are substantial, and the tangential the lesser lateral force and out of time with the radial. So any damage that is due to lateral radial force is likely vibration damage, if there is nothing else that would cause lateral forces.

So when one shakes a fragile house, and some stress is released by cracking and vertical settlement, who is responsible? And then settlement continues due to additional desiccation, who is responsible?

Now lawyers do not need to tell the truth, or accept reality.  The legal system is a dumpster where the worst of the dirt can be found, so the question is how does one keep from letting any of the stupidity, ignorance, and other bullshit rub off onto a expert? And more to the point, how can we remain untroubled by what we see, hear, and understand? Because the home owner did not notice the movement or did not acknowledge movement does not mean it was not there. And home owner's lawyer is a slimy piece of shit weasel, for the lack of a better description, who does not accept reality.

There is damage, but not a new house's worth.   

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Treatment of Hyperinsulinemia plus insulin resistance

Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin Resistance, hunger at a cellular level plus high blood sugar. The hunger feeds back through the symmetric nerve system to the mid-brain and we have the desire to eat, appetite, in the fed state.

It is difficult to constantly resist the desire to eat, long term. That is what is necessary. Therein lies the problem.   

are eating disorders simply hyperinsulinemia?

Is hyperinsulinemia  the simple explanation for the whole problem of binge eating disorder. We are hungry at a cellular level.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Treatment for Compulsive overeating

Here is what Mayo Clinic says:


Whether in individual or group sessions, psychotherapy (also called talk therapy) can help teach you how to exchange unhealthy habits for healthy ones and reduce bingeing episodes. Examples of psychotherapy include:
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT may help you cope better with issues that can trigger binge-eating episodes, such as negative feelings about your body or a depressed mood. It may also give you a better sense of control over your behavior and help you regulate eating patterns.
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy. This type of therapy focuses on your relationships with other people. The goal is to improve your interpersonal skills — how you relate to others, including family, friends and co-workers. This may help reduce binge eating that's triggered by poor relationships and unhealthy communication skills.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy. This form of therapy can help you learn behavioral skills to help you tolerate stress, regulate your emotions and improve your relationships with others, all of which can reduce the desire to binge eat.
So they imply the cause is maladaptive behaviors, social impairment, and lack of tolerance to bool. Bull. So I have a borderline personality, and you know how to live in the situations I lived and worked in. The world largely lives in a delusional state. When we realize this, we realize that they are selling a "solution" without being to demonstrate a success record. When we check the success record what do we see? All I can find is failures to the program. What does that tell us? 

OA works for those who can blindly accept and live a delusion. But what about those of us who cannot accept a delusion?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Where does the desire to overeat come from?

Where does the desire to overeat come from? My desire I refer to that uncontrollable force, irrational force that drives us overeaters to eat. Craving does not describe the force I speak of adequately. It is stronger and more persistence than for sex, than work, than anything else. It cannot be a common drive, for many do not experience it, else wise they would eat. It is not universal force, and those who do not desire may not ever experience that force. Many deny the existence of such a force. If they have never felt it, I can see it would be logical to deny the existence, as some deny the existence of god, or likewise believe in a god. It is that simple.

Does the desire arise from a physical deficiency, malabsorption, or other physical issue that causes a drive at the primary brain - reptile brain level, as the desire for self preservation or sex or food in a starved and baited condition?  Does our body thinking it is in starvation mode?

We need to eat enough to feel satisfaction else wise we are just torturing ourselves. Is our delayed satisfaction due to to high expectations or are we just living an unpleasant existence? What is a reasonable level of expectations? That we be able to eat a small meal and be satisfied, or is that too much?

Some say it is lack of self control. Bool, my new word of the day. Bunk likely. Of the obese people I know, you will not find a more will-powered group.

When I googled this topic it returned a bunch of articles that talk about it like the answer is simple just do not eat/or eat as required. like
  Useless advise... that displays a lack of understanding of the problem.... to be successful, we (I) need to  understand the force, to eliminate the force, and not go there.

But then, what do I know?