Tuesday, July 24, 2012

addiction or chemical


It does not matter whether it is chemical or addiction. The only solution is total abstinence of sugar, wheat, (grains) and acellular carbohydrates. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Is Our Purpose?

Are we humans in the process of evolving to some different intellectual plane or greater understanding of ourselves? I think we are, but it is not apparent what is driving this, short term nor what this higher plain will look like. Long term, survival will drive the final selection process, but what is success? Survival. Off spring? Might? Money? Influence?       (plain vs plane, i do not know)

The search for spirituality or a god is intended to produce a strong sense of direction and purpose, which ultimately becomes our motivation for life, for our actions. Or is it our god that provides the motivation? OK. So where does this leave me? Am I just a lost soul, adrift, without a strong sense of purpose? Ultimately, this suggests that a successful person knows where they are headed, and has substantial motivation in that direction. They are not adrift.

I have never been particularly motivated, long term. That is not to say that I have not at times been quite motivated. I had no overall plan, beyond staying out of trouble, not committing to something which would not be comfortable for me, not getting in substantially. over my depth.

I guess it is time to understand my purpose and direction for the rest of my life, now that I have reached near retirement.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Obesity disease?

Is obesity a disease or not? this post is a result of http://michaelprager.com/content/obesity-isnt-disease-it-still-sucks

I doubt that it is a disease also under current definitions.  It can be at least a disorder, compulsive behaviour in some cases, an addiction to the sugar through the dopamine channel, to wheat through the opioid receptors, to carbohydrates through insulin/blood glucose channel, and possibly other ways.

It is also a personality disorder, in that we are making choices that are not rational, like other drugs, alcohol and like. It is often paired with other personality disorders, mental issues, OCD, or at least obsessive compulsive characteristics.

Some portion is apathy, indecision, confusion, lack of information and too much information, how to sort the information, who to believe and who to reject. It is being influenced by ignorant misleading media, being a sucker for mis-information. In that respect, it is a too trusting personality characteristic, which in these time has become a personality disorder we would be better off without.  

Becoming teachable and willing to change actions, opinions, beliefs, concepts, values, has been essential in my recovery.

Diet Motivation

I'd rather enjoy my food and die early than eat healthfully and live long... not I, I think...

Carbohydrates, sugar, flours, wheat are slow acting poisons.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moreism (Olivering)

Greed, wanting more has been trained into us from an early age. I grew up with parental fear of not enough, no enough food, money, in general great fear of not enough, just fill in the commodity.

That desire has been enhanced by the media through advertising, marketing, and the ongoing pressure to consume. Rebellion time, turn of those radios, TVs, and go offline. Yeah sure, well maybe just TVs and radios.

This attitude may be what is creating the craving, moreism is part of my nature, as Oliver in Dickens. Letting go of greed, moreism, if you dislike the wood greed. Greed, in my mind, is usually associated money, flash cars, property, not minor items, but it is essentially greed.

Enough is enough, the greed attitude must just be let go of, as it is part of ego, desire, all part of the mental construct, protection of self. That is all there is.

Monday, July 16, 2012


And then one day we read the power of Now, and it all becomes mostly just noise, with the odd bit of signal.

Fear protecting the ego, the ego protecting us from ourselves, from the truth of our failures and limits of our beliefs, the ego is just a construct of the mind, and a reflection of collective egos. Some portion of our beliefs are just plain wrong, and we need to fret out those and remove them. A core beliefs inventory is a wonderful tool.

The ego is impersonal collection of others, and not us, is changeable, and impersonal. Freedom to change is a wonderful thing.

We learn to let the ego go, and to live in the Now, aware of so much more.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Haroldism: When you pray for potatoes, you had better not be afraid to pick up the hoe.

So how do we separate our part and gods' part. We need to do the foot work. The outcome is gods' work. So much of life is just work, dig the garden, plant potatoes, weed, hill, natural fertilizer, bug killer; and the out come, god get the praise and blame.  But if we miss one step, it is all on us. No wonder we, the people, have lost faith in god, he is just a concept. God is a concept that explains uncertainty, random chance, acts of others, acts of nature, statics and random chance, and all those other things we do not know, or have not learned.

Today there was a bit of discussion on the issues of OA take on Tradition 9, and the resulting disintegration from delisting. How is insisting on a specific food program or behaviours any different than non smoking meetings?

OA has a bunch of control freaks that insist they are right to insist on no other requirements, but are happy for the organization to cause people to go away due to there insistence on of  no specific food programs, no special meetings.

Why can OA not accept that anyone who deals with compulsive overeaters, sugar addicts, wheat addicts, blood sugar highs, omega 6 highs, may only want to associate with the group that they belong to? and that recovery can come faster when they identify their specific problem. And what about those undereaters, anorexia, bulimic and the like?

Oh well, we will survive, or not, it is not up to me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

chemical or psychological

Is food addiction chemical or psychological? In the past, I considered it to be both, a behavioural addiction and a chemical, however, the chemical part must be treated first with abstinence. No acellular carbohydrates. OK. Then move on to the behavioural addiction. But for some of us, it may be just chemical. Remove the  chemical, and the problem dries up and blows away. Now, how does the program survive? 

An comments or questions?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

OA Conflicting It's Self

The are competing philosophy in OA, and some portions include conflicting views. Consider the AA concept of "praying only for knowledge of his will for me" verses the OA concept of an action plan. OA action plan, to me sound like self will run riot.  Are these two concepts compatible or is there some cognitive dissonance here? Your onions would be appreciated, as this has been a issue in my mind.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reminder to self

The future is changed in the present. Now is when the curve can be bent, not in the past or the future. It is time to kink the curve.