Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Errors in thinking require change causes me to act like the sage again.

Before change can happen, we must recognise that the leading cause of our issues are some piece of our thinking is not current with what already is. Yha ok. We are not accepting that what is. The Now. Or there is an error in our thinking, our expectations. We think that we should be able to drive at the speed limit without being passed, cut off, our lives endangered. What we need to know is 20 to 50 percent of the drivers on highway 63 are high on coke, or other drugs that cause aggression (adrenalin), and lack of consideration of their safety, or anyone else's. On other road the percentages are less. Rushing causes adrenalin, aggression, lack of caution. We just need to let the wind blow, and the idiots blow by, just like the wind.

Any person, place or thing that is, is, and cannot be changed. We can change the future only in the now. That is to say, we need to act now to change the future. It may be, we just need to change our thinking only, lower or abandon our expectations, for they are just delusion, or collective egos, or collective superegos. That makes them impermanent and changeable.

We have the technology to stop speeding, or to tax it to the point that it will not be done. We can impound the vehicles for collection. The government have the power to in act draconian measures to end the problem, but lack the political will to do so, and the media just bitches. It never offers solutions. We now have the technology to map every inch a car is driven, and tax ever excess, rolling stop, illegal move, speed, or anything else. We just lack political will to do it.

The government also lacks political will to deal with the obesity problem effectively, because it will cut food sales, especially sugar in all forms, grain sales, processing, and create unemployment. It would impact the chronic disease treatment. The health industry depends on sick people. Without them, drug sales would decline, the health industry would shrink, as would tax revenue, and the whole government Ponzi scheme would fall apart. Poor health, and the demand for health care is the major driver of our economy. But, what do I know.       

Friday, June 15, 2012

Food Addiction

Could chemical food addition be to some extend be dose dependent, and fruit and green vegetable be addicting in the extreme cases?

Fruit seems to set off overeating, or at least drives appetite. Note that chemical addition is separate from the behaviour addiction of compulsive overeating. I suffer from both, but I do have the choice of not eating beyond two or three meals per day.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Real or Fake Foods

Are sugar, fructose, grains, manufactured eatable products still in your pantry? Do you consider those as foods? Once we stop thinking those things are eatable, if there is such a word, the problem becomes real food or fake food.

The Inuit did not consider plant eatable. Anglican miniseries had a tough time to convince the starving natives that what they offered, sourdoe and bannock were actually food. Now there are considered to be northern native foods. Perhaps it is time to put grain back on the non food list.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fructose is Evil

Fructose causes obesity.
Fructose by its self is addicting through "reward circuits".
Fructose causes insulin resistance directly.
Fructose blocks leptin signaling directly, and high insulin causes blocking of leptin signaling.

Glucose, usually with the fructose, causes insulin to rise, and the insulin causes fat storage, since the fructose has caused insulin resistance, and high insulin causes leptin resistance.

The first step in any weight loss is get rid of all fructose, ie no fruit, sugar, none.

Second step is to get rid of all wheat, and sources of glucose, also addicting, but by a different pathway.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Chemical Addictions , then Behavioural Addictions

It is my opinion that chemical addictions such as sugar, fructose, grains, nuts, omega 6 oils must be dealt with first, that is no sugars, grains, nuts, omega 6 oils, or what ever substance of choice is must be eliminated before  the behavioural addictions such as compulsive overeating is tackled. The main reason is that even a bit of the addictive substance can set off the slide.

Fructose is evil for those addicted to it. Even a bit of fruit can set off cravings, and if those cravings start, there is little one can do besides sleep, or exercise, or something that takes mind away. Mediation works for me, but I still need to do a bit of work. When I start to meditate, my motivation goes south. Gone for the day. Oh well.

It is often difficult to convince others, parents, other idiots (persons of fixed wrong beliefs) that we can have none of what others consider good foods. I just must stop considering that stuff as food. It is good tasting poison to me now.

Fear vs Lack of trust

Lecture warning, or rant warning.

Fear is not identical to lack of trust, although I stated it was equivalent the other day. On the first blush, I was thinking these were similar enough to be considered equivalent.

Fear is an internal emotion. It is there to keep us out of trouble. It prevents some actions which are imprinted on our mind to not be good for what ever reason. Fears can be changes, unlearned, or modified. They can also be increased. The trick is separation of situations, and using trust in our ability. Trust that which has been demonstrated to be trust worthy, but always trust yourself. Fear is for safety. You may need to test it first. 

Lack of trust is externally generated and may raise internal fear but not necessarily. Lack of trust may be due history with that individual, institution, or similar. It may be well founded. Not trusting strangers has been drilled into children for years. Do not expect to trust them as adults. We may need to overcome the lack of trust with portions of our lives to overcome this serious eating disorder.

We do need to trust ourselves. We need to trust enough to do what we require to do for recovery. We do not need to trust everybody, and should trust that the people will continue doing what they have always done. The gossiper will continue to gossip. The lieer will continue to lie. The thief will continue to steal. That is trust. Discernment is the key.

Fear is on a continuum with trust, but there is space in between. No trust is not necessarily fear, for we can trust them to be what we know them to be. We need to trust ourselves.

The other though running about in my head is that abstinence is like fidelity, it is easier when there are not opportunities. Bare cupboards make abstinence easier.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Serious Condition

For me, overeating is a serious condition. I need to take recovery seriously. It is a matter of my life or my death in the long run and quality of life in the short run. If I am going to survive long term, I have found no other choice but to follow the program. I am powerless over compulsive overeating. Compulsive eating is a behavioural issue.

OA is an essential portion of recovery, fostering a change in attitude, a change to a more spiritual thinking. It puts more space between impulse and actions.

Food is a friend, foe, and a minimizer. It must become just a source of energy and nutrients. Nothing more. Pleasure should not be associated with eating, but it was. It was one of my few pleasures.

Also, I need to know about food and the physical aspects of food addiction, to avoid chemical addiction, a substance issue. There are many physical food issues that come into play as well.

Three moderate meals each day is the aim. This is what I must do for life. It is essential to follow this. (Acceptance of NOW, that which is). Go away minimize(s).

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Compulsive Overeating Vs Instint

Stream of consciousness....

Do I suffer from compulsive overeating or an instinct to eat in a excess food environment? Neither? Both? What is the difference? Or is this excess hunger? Or just a craving? Is there a test to see which? Does it make a difference? Do any of these actually exist or is it all in my head because I am just a low willpower fat lazy slob?

If you think the later go away now.  There is nothing for you here.

How could one separate a compulsion from an instinct? Compulsion is something which may be learned, or developed at an early age, and firmly imprinted on the brain, but can be unlearned. It resides in the automatic, emotional, or the unconscious, unaware part of the brain, first developed, not in the recall part. Instinct is something we are born with, and develops and is strengthen from there. There has always been a few fat people in most populations. As a child, I was the most grossly obese child in a school of 700. But instinct is generally across a species or a breed. Nothing here yet.

Did I make a unconscious decision to overeat at some young age? Was that part of me trying to please a parent or someone with my ability to consume as part of security, attachment, where I said in my young mind, "I can eat all of that if you want me to." Mother was good at training animals, did she train me to eat? She was a lazy trainer, if she knew an "easy" way, she would use it.

In a visualisation, Mother and an Aunt speak, saying "sprinkle a bit of sugar on their food, and they will eat every bit of it. There is also a lot of competition between myself, sister, and 3 other cousins over eating, and between my mother and those aunts of getting us kids to eat up the food. There was 5 of us, I was the youngest, and there was just 20 months between the oldest and myself. 4 of 5 have weight issues and the other one was always on a diet. Could it be that it was all a result of a parental competition that I never corrected and it is all just imprinting on to the automatic response part of the brain? Of course, this would need to be combined with a physiology to handle excess food, which apparently I have.

Perhaps the first step in the test is to leave food on the plate at every meal. No more clean plates. That has not happened in years, except for some thing that really tasted bad.

I am powerless of this compulsion, instinct, craving or what ever it is.