Thursday, May 31, 2012


I know that my emotions have become much more even since starting the program, especially in the last while, while starting to meditate, and understand more of the psychological and philosophical underpinning of life. 

Meditation is different  than visualizations, but similar results. Visualization ties in the concept of bringing in our memories of how it was to a meditation state of mind.  Both are interesting. These are both different to the Presence Process of Michael Brown, but also similar. Through these processes, we come to recognise much stuff, much of how it was, and was not.

Becky says that the emotions follow our changed beliefs, which I tend to agree with but why? Are Emotions just an automatic response if our security, attachments, or fear are impinged on? If that is case, what about joy, and all those positive emotions. It will than be expected that our negative emotions can be explained away, changed by mindfulness, paying attention to our attention, and directing our attention.

Ya, emotions change.  As we progress in our journey to find our authentic self, from that which we assumed was us, the collective egos of those around us, modified by us, and never really owned.  

We discover we have issues: the organism is not adapting to it's environment: or rather, the environment is changing faster than we can adapt. Now what, get fat and die off early, or slow down and look at the situation. Stop the world: I want to get off. Or as Katie says, Broken people get recycled.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ego is built in the mind, according to E Tolle, and can; therefore, be changed. In fact ego is not even us, but the reflection of, repeating, and confirmation of what the world tells us we are. It is; therefore, impersonal, not me, and impermanent. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I am just back from a OA retreat lead by this lady: OA

It was a hard hitting, no holds bared affair. Several people tasted   abstinence for the first time. 

She has an attitude of change it to fit your needs. Step one became Admitted we were powerless over compulsive overeating, and our live was unmanageable. That separates the compulsive overeating, a behavioural addiction from the substance issues like sugar, grains, nuts, lubricants (omega 6 oils), and manufactured eatable products.

For compulsive overeating, abstinence becomes three moderate meals each day with no eating between planned meals. 

Abstinence becomes the most important routine thing in my life without exception. Abstinence is primary in life, that is to say necessary, like putting on that oxygen mask that fall from the ceiling before helping others. Abstinence is simple, 3 moderate meals per day. 

The other foods, substance addiction, are just something I cannot eat, sugar, grains, lubricants, and manufactured eatable products. If I am still hungry, so what, tough, get on with life.  I can always have a vitamin pill and a shot of oils, aka Shangra La diet.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

For today...

I never will have to (need) overeat again. I may choose to, but the need will never need to, again, as there is and will always be an alternate, acceptance of the now, and the steps. Live by the principles. Do something when something is bothering me.

Food can  be a friend, a torturer - abuser, and a mini-miser- just a little bit. But all it really is, is the needed energy, about three time per day. Not to be enjoyed, just energy. Enjoying food is the cause of oppression. It is a cultural illness, collective ego, bullshit.