Saturday, December 24, 2011

Priority list

In the process of developing an action plan, I found it necessary to develop a concept priority list. By pairing and positioning the most important above the lesser, we can rank any two items. By repeatedly setting in each new item, we can rank dissimilar items into one list. Lets give it a try.

Metered meals
Daily exercise / schedule
Satiation at meals

But this process is always changing, but this is what it looks like today.

The foregoing is the "formal" list, how the plan goes. On bad days it becomes informal, craving, hunger, and temptation move to the top, above abstinence. I use formal and informal, as organizational charts us formal and informal, to represent the paper plan and the actual behavior where personalities are a major factor in information flow, idea generation, and production motivation. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maladaptive Eating Behaviors

 Participants with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) displayed addictive personality scores comparable to individuals addicted to substances (M=17.5, SD=5.3). Addictive personality was associated with Overeating (r=.45, p<.001), Cravings (r=.31, p=.005), Affective Disturbances (r=.62, p<.001) and Social Isolation (r=.53, p<.001).

So I display all four. What does this mean? Am I just a lost case, to severe to treat?

These folk do not offer any solution, just more studying.

When is someone going to offer total psychological makeover? AA, OA, make a start at this. Buddhism makes a non god start. When we combine these two approaches, what would we get?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

brain not functioning vs stupid mistake

We need vitamins and minerals for the brain to function well. We can still make stupid mistakes. I step in front of a compulsive/addict "in her pot". I do regret that. I am truly sorry for the misery I cause her. I also regret trying to suggest she was out to lunch. Oh well, shit happens. Lesson for me: avoid train wrecks running on their own tracks, let them wreck and stay out of the way. 

Reflecting on this, I often learn more from those who I do not agree with than those I agree with.

We need very little carbohydrate, adequate protein, and some essential fats. The remainder can come from either fat or carbohydrates. Dense carbohydrates come with cravings, insulin resistant, appetite stimulation, and quick hunger. When we do not get enough various minerals and vitamins, we get ragged many ways, our mind get off also.  I expect in time, we will find most "diseases of civilization" have nutrition displacement as some of the core issue.   Also expect that some of us have underlying physiological and social problems. Oh well, we all must play the hand we were dealt, in the time frame permitted. It is the first time through life for us all.

Good diet is a learned, both information and behavior. Social behavior, in fact all behaviors, information and the like is learned. We learn different things at different speeds. Some of us never or only late in life learn some things. Oh, well, that life as a human. What we actually learn from presented material, or situation can vary widely, and may not be the intended lesson. 



Chocolate is an evil poison eatable product that for some of us should not be considered a food. It is addicting, and as such should not be even considered eatable for those who have addictions. Equivalent to cocaine, alcohol, sugar, wheat. It is our moral responsibility to stamp or consumption. People who deal in this and other poisons are just amoral, evil creatures. I did, at one time like the stuff, but as a ex-chocolate eater, my feelings have changed openly. Anyone with eating issues, food addiction, or the like should just ban it.

It may taste good on your lips, but goes directly to the hips. Well, in my case, to the gut. It is also an appetite stimulus.

The first step in recovery is put a plug in the jug. Stop eating addicting foods. Stop addicting behaviors. Then recover can begin.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Do We Deal With Compulsive Overfeeders?

This is the season of feasts, that should be followed by fasts, but who does that.

One big question is how do you deal with compulsive over feeders, food pushers, yetties?

Here are a group of possibilities, and thoughts on the subject.

Not thanks. I know it will taste wonderful, but it will mess with my blood sugar.

No thanks. It gets in my mouth.

No thanks, It is poisonous to me. Wonderful tasting poison, but poison.

No thanks, Today I choose not to consume fructose, sugar, grain or omega 6 oils.

Eating with a group of practicing food addicts or compulsive overeaters is dangerous for our welfare. Some days the best thing is just to not go around the practicing overeaters (perhaps family of origin). Remember, many people are into competitive cooking.

We addicts want more, we do not need more. We need to provide only our needs, not our wants. Addiction is biochemical while overeating is behavioral addiction. Either way, once we get separate from our substance or behavior of choice, we should not go back there.

We do not owe duty to our abusers. Anyone who pushes food onto an obese person is an abuser, whether they think so or not. Abuse is doing something that is not good for someone else, regardless of whether they want it or not. Religion or tradition does not make it right. It is still abuse. So providing to much bad food, carbohydrate high food to a child is abuse.

Any comments, ideas?