Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Life, Our Fundamental Value

Life is our fundamental value. There is nothing higher. When life ends, our neural circuitry shuts down, we are no more. We, the human exist as a concept driven identity within a living animal.  When the animal dies, well we die also. There is nothing to carry on; no afterlife, no god, nothing. The light goes out, not elsewhere. That make life it's self the most important thing in our life. End of story.

We should not do anything that detracts, reduces, endangers, degrades, confuses life, we should do all that improves it. Religions do not address reality; they are waste of time. Ethics has value, as it sorts out some of the marginal things that could damage life quickly or slowly.

Ethics, in reality do not need any attachment to religions, although they traditionally have been. It is easier to use tradition and mystic pronouncement rather than logic. That is not to say these are wrong, but logic is the ultimate test of rightness. It it is not logical, then, it is not right. But that depends on the basis of ethics. Life, political equality, individual rights, property rights, self control, freedom. Those are the foundations. All else can be derived from those foundations. Well maybe, there may be more as well.   

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The positives of religion

There is no doubt that religion can provide great community, comfort, and consolation to the believer, but living in a dream world is not what I desire at this time. We can chose that which is or that which might be. It is a choice, for the here and now, Canada, 2018.

 Having being reading ethics, it is a choice, and how can I say that for seniors, how is living in a dream state is wrong? How can I say it is wrong for anyone? Well I may allow yous to starve, you lazy bastards, but other than that, is it wrong? I am an individual, and becoming an individualist. Productivity must be one of the first virtues, and I mean that as producing enough for my, our needs. How far into the wants we go is another issue. But I am not obligated, nor required, to support this society, if I chose not to.


It is conceivable to me that an atheist could turn to religion for community, comfort, and consolation, as the atheist community does not offer these. We offer cold hard reality, and if the individual cannot deal with reality, then religion is a better solution than self termination, perhaps. Perhaps we do a poor job of teaching methods of dealing with cold hard reality, but we did not get much aid in learning to deal with reality.

Perhaps it is time to misquote Airstotle's opening paragraph. "Every art, and every science reduced to a teachable form, and in like manner every action and moral choice, aims, it is thought, at some good:... " and say that every art and every science, even moral behavior and ethics, happiness, and flourishing, can be reduced into a teachable form; there then is no cause for tears over parts of life, as the whole of it calls for sorrow. (to misquote Seneca).  The point is that dealing with life is a learn-able skill. It all starts at the truth, that is learning what is real and what is just story. Once we learn, it is not easy to go from reality to not looking at reality, but may be possible.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Moral Foundations 2

After spending a couple of week looking for a moral foundation, I have found none and many. There is no universal foundation, but after digging around, there are a bunch of concepts, each that can serve as a foundation until something better comes along.

Propagation of the human species was the foundation of old, and then it became propagation of "our" line. But now there are too many humans on this earth, we are producing too much carbon dioxide, and will start to self exterminate soon; note that we are already using CPAP or oxygen enrichment machines for breathing. The old will die off sooner, and with them, goes much information. Oh well, I am old now. The society will turn mean in its later stages, as they realize there is no real future. There are already many nasty people in this world. The end is coming soon through disintegration of society, here in North America and Western Europe, aka the second and first world.

Economics, energy, use of resources, people: these things cannot grow in a finite world. We are beyond the carrying capacity of the earth. We are living in the overpopulation before the great die off, the evolutionary selection process is already underway. It cannot be stopped. What should we do now? I choose to live well, as I am doing. That is the categorical imperative now.

We can try to find solutions, but there is no political / economic will yet to do this, for it will cost the rich; they are the ones with money but greed driven, else we humans are likely to die out. Or we can make the choice to live well and ignore the problems, damn the populations, they will just need to take care of themselves. Those who do not share what they have for food will just become the victims of roving bands of youth... and other savages. As the police fail to do their jobs, the citizens will take and take care of business... and the older...by taking their property, resources, and extermination of the old. We old need to have some defense;  well I have archery and a backhoe. The police now are all about revenue generation, not cleaning out the vandals and criminals. Shoot, shovel, shut-up as King Ralph suggested.

So what is the foundation of morals; survival, at the lowest end, until we don't. But above else, some form of a pleasant satisfying peaceful life. There we have a choice of numerous man made philosophies and numerous fanatic based religions, all of which can provide a nice life... well as long as no one breaks the fanatic bubble. Reality is a cruel mistress, but one can be true be into reality, and there is no risk of the bubble breaking... we become the foundation of our own morals... we become the wheel that roles, and needs no foundations beyond our self contained self support. We become the Cato like human... we have our valuable with us, and then we die, know we are one with ourselves. That is the foundation, confidence we are right, and satisfied with that.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Moral Foundations

A thought in progress...
What is the rational foundation for morals?

What right do you have to impose your ideas on me? What right do I have to impose my ideas on you? Individual vs group morals issue. Majority/minority issues are not the same as right vs wrong question.

It is my opinion we humans have a series of dipole switches that we rationally need to know which we are. Rational or Faith based? If you are faith based, stick with religion, this will be of no help.

So we develop a conscious hierarchy of values, concepts:

Logic/Faith Self/Others Care/Harm, Fairness/Cheating, Loyalty/Betrayal, Authority/Subversion, and Sanctity/Degradation

Virtue lies between two extremes.

Self vs others
Empathy ...trichotomy or continuum...   altruistic ... normal ... psychopath
Justice / fairness vs self first
Virtue, purity vs disorder, adopting what is right to adopt logically
Loyalty vs dispersed, individual or to group, or philosophy  
Authority vs group, self
logic, tradition vs development...  Note that as a youth, learning from an authority is quick, but if the authority is wrong, or does not lay out the reasons, it becomes a dictatorship, which does not last.

But the foundation for the atheist must be life, those things that support or improve life, and cooperation, political equality of people, neither becoming nor allowing slaves or masters.
This bunches empathy, justice, purity, keeps compassion and in group rational loyalty while abandoning altruism, authority. Can a sound life ethics and philosophy be built on these virtues, adopting the methods of other philosophies?

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Reality Concepts

Within the sea of possible concepts, there is an island of knowledge, of reality. Vein diagram that. That which is, is surrounded by that which might be. We can make the choice to live within the reality, or without all or some in a mental state of belief without foundation. That too, can be comfortable, but somehow, it is not real. Those who choose to live in non-reality, religion, are well, just off reality. It is difficult for those of us who are living in reality to take, so we may choose to avoid the unreal.  

Knowledge requires for something to be true, to be believable, for there to be evidence for it and no evidence against it.  Living totally within the circle of knowledge is possible, necessary and sufficient to lead the good life. Religion should be abandoned, but ethics, logic, reason maintained and understood.

The good life is comfortable, generally pleasant, and we can acheive that generally under most circumstances of existence. In extremes, added effort may be required.

There are many who will try to push us off the good life from both sides, by their demands, and some by force, it is up to us to learn to deal with them and not disturb our life. They are out for control, and we need not give it to them. We cannot allow ourselves to become or make slaves of anyone. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. The psychopaths, and extreme altruistic, the altruistic with others money, the bad stewards in government, the egos of government and religions, and all those radicals will just need to look elsewhere.  Cooperation is the foundation of society, and society also has its' fringes and out-layers.

We are into an era of human development when the population has exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth, as is evidenced by the carbon dioxide level in our atmosphere. Our most valuable individual property, life itself, is not as valuable to others anymore, as reduction of population is one of the solutions to this problem. We have gone through a period that keeping everyone alive was seen as a good; this may not last. The unproductive may need to be terminated so that the rest might live. The trolley problem for reals. Oh well, life is fleeting. 

Friday, March 30, 2018

The consolation of religion

In the past few days, I have been thrust into two situations of dealing with the religious. In one case the old girl, a few years younger than I, uses religion or god for comfort, and consolation for loss in her life. Living in non-reality can be comforting and provide a great deal of consolation, which I do not wish to take from anyone.

The second was a Facebook encounter. It is time to abandon facebook. It is a time suck, and a make believe world, where any comments that are refuted are just deleted. The US second amendment was created by James Madison before 1800 because he feared that a President would use the army against it's own people, and in less that a lifetime it did, the civil war happened. Oh well, shit happens.

The religious have difficulty dealing with facts, logic, and hence reality.  Pushing faith, prayer, and the like, rather than logic as a method of making potentially large decisions is just bullshit ignorance. Life can be simple logical steps. If there is no logic, there can be no step. If you wish to pay the full price, you can waste your money. Oh well.

Trudeau is an overly altruistic person who has never struggled to pay the bills. He is too willing to give away money to the natives, a conquered race that does not want to do what is necessary to live well in our modern society. Oh well. He also thinks honor killing is barbaric, which makes him somewhat right. It is illegal for savages to kill our citizens, even if it is the parents doing the killing.  That is the big problem with politicians. They are all right some of the time, but not on all issues, and there are no simple solution for dealing with other religions and cultures. It is a series of independent of each other choices.  

Many religious people have a hard time with the truth, and cannot deal with facts. They lash out, and we need to recoil. Many religious have the concept that it is OK to push their religion, but get offended when we truth seeking push back. Oh well, I lived many years with no connection to family.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

In God We Trust.

Vox populi vox Dei. From the Latin, the voice of the people is the voice of god. or as Ambrose Bierce put it, " the voice of the people is god. " So with a twisted mind, god becomes the voice of the people, and with such concept of god, even Thomas Paine went along with in god we trust, for it was a republic they sought to create. With a bit of manipulation and substitution we have... "In the voice of the people we trust." What did I miss? It is a different god that is being refereed to, not the Christian god, but that of the original Roman Republic, vox populi.

Have you ever considered the difference between a democracy and a republic? One nominates delegates, the other representatives. One we pick to represent us, to vote and act as a good steward of us, the other to carry out our wishes in the government. And in the US, those party names, carry on the long resolved issues.

Ambrose and Ayn Rand have similar ideas on some subjects, just as a stopped clock has the right time twice each day. Individualism. Life is our most valuable asset, all flows from there. But one holds a christian figure as a great leader, the other not so much. Oh well, life goes on for now, but in the end we all just die anyway.

Religion can bring such comfort and consolation late in life. Too bad it is based on an concept with no evidence. For a concept to be knowledge, it must have evidence and no evidence against it, and the evidence needs to be "admissible in court".

So the Sweet Jesus offends the christians. So bloody what!!  There attitude offends me, as does the moors. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.