Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Seperation of god and beleifs

Even if your beliefs are based on an abstract god, there is a separation between your beliefs and any concept of god that you may carry. I use "your" because I know there is no physical evidence of a god, and lots of physical evidence pointing at non-existence, or no powers, or no willingness to do anything much. Anything that happens to you or I is in the physical world.

So back to the divide between out beliefs and any concept of god. Once the god-foundation is gone, our beliefs need to be examined, and that is where the big issue comes, the step from just atheist, to realism, or philosophy, or what do we call it? There is the Church of Reality who has tried to answer the big questions for himself, but he need to condense and detail it much more. There are the no god religions like Buddhism, that with a few "cross outs" become a reasonable belief system, and then there is Stoicism that provides some of the foundation concepts, but not the details. Together these form a loose system of operating instructions with holes.

These do not address the other personality issues, like the lack of desire to be around people much, or the lack of motivation to do many things to occupy the time. I have a mental list of jobs to do around here, but no energy, motivation, enthusiasm, enough to do them. Oh well.

Now for a bit more evidence that there is no god or the bible is just the wet dreams of men or the like: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2017/05/16/this-virginia-atheist-painted-an-offensive-bible-verse-on-his-truck-to-prove-a-point/  
any god who recommended such a statement would know that that statement is just ludicrous. Cats and women do pretty much as they please, and it is up to men and dogs to understand this and to accept it.

My core beliefs are in "nature" and she does as she pleases, after following the chemical and physically laws. But that is not true, we just cannot account for all the factors in our models; and then there is the rising Co2 and CH4. An essential belief is "my beliefs control my behavior" and also that "I can change my beleifs"; and "truth should be an assumed virtue".  Before we say the stoic phrases; that virtues are the only goods. That living the virtues only are necessary and sufficient for a good life. Understanding the nature of truth and going through life spreading truth, correcting untruth like religions, is sufficient and necessary for the good life. Oh well. Correcting untruth like religion is leading with the chin, so knowing and living well without a god may be sufficient. Enough.  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

As our knowledge of prehistory ravels


I am surprised, not that pre-Clovis existed, but that we found evidence that old. These peoples must have been Neanderthal or similar. That explains the high percentages of Neanderthal DNA found among the Native populations of the north west US, western Canada. So some where in prehistory, some group of Neanderthals wandered into the Americas, likely across the Bearing Straight. But wait, camels are North American, so flow was both ways, and camel bits are found in the arctic also.

The really surprising part is not that there was/is evidence, but that we found the evidence. That may mean that there was a civilization there, in San Diego area. 

There could not have been great quantities of peoples, but there must have been some wandering tribes to mix with the later peoples that came from various sources. Did those wandering groups see each others as enemies or as potential mates, sources of different technologies, as potential allies?

Was there relation ship similar to the other tribes part of Old Testament times; kill all the males,(well all the adult males at least) screw all the females, or take them as slaves, wives, etc.



There is no doubt that we human subspecies are self-centered, we try to increase our genes in our species. This is the true human nature. Doing what is natural is what brought up to this state of over-population. Soon something will need to be done to correct this over-population problem. One child solution anyone? Have one, father one, and be neutered. That will bring population into line in a few generations or so.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Developing our own Philosophy.

A post about life. "I do not know what I think until I say it." That is a quote in concept from some author, but I do not recall who, it is just the way it seams when I am required to answer some question.

I am trying for coach certification in archery, through the NCCP. One of the questions is what is my coaching philosophy? Well, to put words to that is a bit of examination:

I am a realist. Gods are all in the heads of others. I ignore this important issue in the archery club, however I often state it, when asked to coach on long weekends.  I am an atheists, so it is not like the day means anything special to me.

I emphasis the process, not the outcome. As recreational modern traditional archer, the scoring is not important, just the process of shooting. It is as the stoics say about shooting a arrow, once the hand is relaxed and the arrow off, all is beyond our control. Competency and comprehension are required, I like to teach the comprehension first.

Student enthusiasm and enjoyment are necessary for enduring participation in the sport, along with suitable equipment. Some outside muscular work, aka exercises, will be required, along with adequate proteins and fats for muscular development. 

I like instructing the adults, beyond the middle teens, that want to learn archery. If they are there for social reasons, are the chatty type, I stop making the effort to correct obvious bad methods or to do individual teaching. They are just spaces in the class. My method is to go through each step of the process in detail, and show the typical poor methods and better methods. For some bad form is the only way they can shoot, and bad form is better than not shooting. After safety is followed, the only wrong way to do archery is to not do it.

Yesterday, we coached a Muslim group, who needed to stop halfway through to pray.  I need a bit of tea anyway. I wanted to say it is all in your heads, but I figured that that would be just rude, but true. I think it is rude of them even to ask to take time off archery.  False information in their heads is their problem. Me, pointing it out would not help them nor me, it is just not my problem. It is like all those who suggest fat people should just go on a diet. Stay to the archery subject at hand, archery in this case.  There are many many issues in archery classes; inappropriate attire, those who will not put down purse, or electronics, those who do not want to be there, and those who do not have the mental capacity to pay attention. I mind my own business, and I make no effort to help those who are not helping themselves. 



Friday, April 21, 2017

Releasing the God hypothesis

Be aware: Free association....

The old stories contain many historical hypothesis. I call these historical because I do not like William James's name as dead hypothesis. They may be dead, but dead has the implication that is brutal toward those that believe those hypothesis. We still need to live with those believers until we can convince they of reality or one of us die off. So call me an apologist if you like, first I need to know what I believe, and until I communicate beliefs, I just am not sure. Even then, I may change my beliefs, or may not express them exactly. Impermanence of beliefs is something that I have.

I was told to believe, and tried but it was bullshit; became agnostic and tried to believe to get the benefits of living in a delusion. Life is tough and living in a delusion, if you can, has the benefit of not needing to stare into the abyss of reality. My parents were able to live like that; and I tell you there are advantages to being able to put reality out of your mind. Many things do not bother those who can live in their delusions. I both pity them and admire them. Conflicted. What?

I know there is no physical evidence of a god, and there are many hypothesis that suggest there is one. Purpose is often sighted, and is the how did it become this way if not designed and or constructed. These are human questions and the real answer is we do not know, or that we have reluctance to admit that we do not know. It is the creative sort of human that creates a story, a hypothesis that describes or prescribes the how of the artifacts existence, as if to answer a child's question with a story. This may be in fact, how the hypothesis came to be. "Because god did it, now go away and let me work in peace" was a refrain I recall hearing many times.

It is just easier to acknowledge the existence of a historical hypothesis, and move on rather than calling in a myth; the half truth is dependent on our point of view, and correct without being as offensive. Hypothesis can be replaced by better hypothesis rather than proven or not dis-proven. This can go back to Laplace and his no need of the god hypothesis in explaining the path of planets in retrograde or was it the Saturn wobble. And is that the same Laplace of Laplace transforms in mathematics? You bet. And if you did cover Laplace transforms, as in engineering school and do not still remember what they are, they are like nests in software, but without counters. In short, apply the transform, solve the equations, take the transform out and reduce to a simpler, cleaner and useful form. It make my head ache just thinking about them that I have not touched since University, and am now retired from active working. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. 

The thing about hypothesis are we can modify and make the old one a historical, and thereby ratchet toward reality and understanding. We new atheists are beyond the early adopters stage, on the cusp of rapid growth to the cash cow if it were a new product. It is all about turning reality into a money generating industry. This new atheistism is the next evolution of man, man's thinking moving toward rational thought, and away from the historical hypothesis that got us to this stage. The major dieoff required is coming. Will it be nuclear war, rise of carbon dioxide, methane, climate change, asteroid, supervolcano, superbug, ... any body's guess and when? It does not matter. In the end we all just die anyway.  

Monday, April 17, 2017

More Comparsion of Buddhism, Stoicism and Epicureanism

The original purpose of belief systems (aka religions) can generally be defined as a system of thoughts, beliefs, values, principles that end personnel mental suffering or uncertainty through providing a life plan, knowledge list, behavior directions, priories, clarifications or how to live and treat others. Ethics, morality, decision making methods are often included. A system to end mental suffering is how Buddha defined his purpose. He went on to define the cause of suffering: expectations, delusions, attachment, aversions and provide a list of eight areas to examine and correct in our lives. Stoicism provided the correct way of thinking, a complete operating system to upgrade to. Epicureanism went further and suggested areas to eliminate that often create issues.  

So the question is "how much of each system should the modern human adopt" to make life run better?

Some portion of relief of suffering is confidence that we are right. Doubt goes away. We can achieve this confidence by being part of a group that believes "x, y, z" or we can come to know that we are right through science, examination, testing, and/or association with like minded individuals. We can go against the flow of others as individualists only if we have the knowledge and confidence we are truly right.

All these three named thought systems place knowledge in their priorities. But the thoughts are not the same, but similar. With all the translation to get to English, along with the inexactness of language, how can we say that the original concept is not the same, but with the order and emphasis just different?

Much of Epicureanism just falls away as our science today is 2000 year ahead of what Epicurus knew and surmised. Yet stay out of things that will call us unneeded stress and worry is still good advice. Keep your oars where they belongs. Do not overreach. Do not overextend yourself too much, over
extension will cause stress. And minimization of our needs and intakes is sound finical advice. If we can do it is a totally different issue. Stay out of slippery places if we have fear of slipping. Stay sober, even when we drink.

Secular Buddhism cleans out the unreal items of reincarnation, and leaves karma as what it really is, reputation. Reputation is critical in long term relationships, especially is business. Yet we change over time, and some of us do not retain relationships well. Impermanence, the flipside of constant change is without a doubt just a derivative of change, aka the rate of change and whether we are able to see the change.

Danial Dennett has described the modern 'no self' reality, where consciousness is the mind observing the input/output flow but not yet understanding how the processing is done. Competence without comprehension. It is all knowledge we each can pick up if we put the effort, concentration and mindfulness in and just do it in our speech, actions and livelihood. Our intentions and attitudes provides the motivations.

One cannot separate the consciousness state from the objects of that state, as said Husserl, it is all in our heads anyway. Truth is the fundamental issue, and the non existence of a physical god is an essential and foundation fact. Until we can accept that, the truth is kind of nebulous, like ownership of a feral cat. Yet we can, in the mind of the believer have a god, the object of the mind, and live withing that god conscious state, not in full truth, but in full delusion. Many people will do all they can to keep living in that pink delusion where there is a god. It is the job of ever atheist to prick there mental balloon, or at least the balloons of the young. In the end we all just die off anyway, so if we can keep the young living in reality, we will do good.  


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No God Husserl

Edmund Husserl 1851-1938  One cannot separate the consciousness state from the objects of that state.

WTF. So if you think there are ghosts, then, for you, there are ghosts... If you think there are gods, then, for you, there are gods. So gods are all in the mind of the believer, ok but Husserl never said that, he never spoke of gods, but he lived in pre-war Germany.

Religion and god is all in the mind of the believer. End of story. So why do so many people have difficulty in seeing this? Well we were taught wrong, and we do not like to look at our beliefs, likely because of fear of finding that our beliefs are wrong.

We humans are born a blank slate, and everything is learned, some is created along the way. We learn on the genetic substrata, some parts are learned easily, other parts we need to struggle with. Nobody teaches that we should review what we believe, what we were taught to believe, and own our own beliefs. Buddha and Confucius were more right than Christians. Buddhist, other than reincarnation and extreme emphasis on mediation is about right. One should know how to mediate some, but education is more important. Education that starts at `First Principles` and builds from there is critical for thinking, for separating opinion from first principals.

Opinion can be right or wrong, and there is nothing that can separate quicker than an opinion that violates a first principal. A sound fist principal is there is nothing supernatural, for if it is, it is not supernatural. Miracles as long on the odds of happening occurrences.  If they need to violate nature to occur, then it is more likely it is bullshit than real.

Enough already.